Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guest Post ~ My Sister's First Race

My sister, Rachael,  is my best friend and I have always looked up to her my whole life and still do. But I am glad I have been able to pass on a little inspiration to her. She just recently ran her first ran her first 5k and I couldn't be more proud of my sista!

So folks, without further ado, here is Rachael's race report: 

OK, at the request of my dear sister Sarah I am writing a race report on my very first running race (The Jingle Bell 5k in Columbus, OH). I had never considered running since having several knee surgeries as a teen. Then working out all together went to the way side after having 2 little girls taking up all my time. But, after watching Sarah at her Ironman I decided its time to stop being lazy and push myself. I have missed working toward a goal and actually participating in an athletic event. I think it has been at least 15+ yrs since my last gymnastics meet J

So I bit the bullet, registered for a 5K and started the couch to 5K program.

The first few weeks sucked big time, I felt very out of shape and discouraged. However, I kept plugging away with each workout. I kept thinking how I am going to run 3 miles when 1 min seems like too much. Before I knew it I was running for 30 min and it wasn’t so bad J

On Race morning I felt nervous, like I had a gymnastics meet (I missed that feeling). When they said start I was just hoping my legs/knee would have a good day. 

After the first ½ mile my right foot decided to be numb for no reason and I was a little worried I would want to walk. But I quickly got distracted watching everyone run by in their Christmas costumes and wished I had dressed up more festive. Before I knew it I only had another ½ mile to go. 

To my surprise I actually finished (in a rather slow time 32 min) but I finished without walking. It was so much fun to hear people cheering through the finish line! I am very happy I decided to try something new and it feels good to have accomplished something. My goal was to just finish, but soon after I just felt a little mad that I didn't go faster ( guess I will have to sign up for another race!!!!) So looks like a 10K is in my future in March! It is nice to be out doing something for myself again

Once again I am so proud of my sista and hope to run a race with her in 2013. Hint Hint - Cleveland RnR Half marathon Rachy :)

Happy Wednesday All 

Monday, December 3, 2012

USAT Challenge Kick Off

So December kicks off the start of the USAT National Challenge. I had so much fun last year with the DC Tri that I chose to do the challenge again this year. It's a great way to get motivated and get your butt off the couch in the off season.

Now of course with it being the off season and all, I allowed myself to have a little too much fun on Friday night which left me struggling with a hangover all day on Sat Dec 1st.

I had big plans to get in some miles on the first day of the challenge, but yeah. I took naps, ate bad food, and watched movies instead. I did manage to drag myself to the pool and get 3000 yards of death in

I was feeling much better on Sunday and kicked the day off with a 10k. It seemed pretty cold out even though I didn't start until 8:30am. After my run, I curled up on my couch freezing. I really couldn't get warm and figured a swim would be the best thing. So off to the pool both Jason and I went. It was one of the worst swims ever. I was breathing hard and struggling through sets of 100s. I finished out my mini tri with taking boomer out for a 26 mile spin. I over dressed and was hot most of my ride but hey I was riding outside so I was happy.

After basically doing an oly tri with food breaks in-between each sport I was dead tired. I wanted a nap, but I still had to take stuff back to Ikea. The worst store ever. After ikea and taking another food break. We made it home around 8pm. It was a long Sunday.

Lesson Learned. Don't drink on Friday night and ruin your Saturday. Although I think I will be saying the same thing next week while I'm having fun at some x-mas parties. After all it's the off season and I'm allowed to drink, right? But don't worry I will still get my miles in :)

Happy Monday All. Hope you had a great weekend :)