My Tri Story

Well, I will start off my saying that I have yet to do a TRI and this is one of the reasons I am starting this blog.

Shortly after running my first marathon back in 04 I began looking into doing triathlons. I looked at so many, but never had the courage to sign up for one because I knew if I signed up for one, then I would have to commit to it and do it! Maybe I was scared of failure, maybe I wasn't ready, maybe I still liked to party too much! It would take me serveral years later, lots of partying, many moves, a marriage, and then finally in Dec of 2010 I signed up for my first TRI. The Nation's Triathlon, Olympic distance! Then of course I saw the DC tri in June and signed up for that too.
Our Wedding

Our Wedding Party
To back the story up a bit, I was still into running, but kind of lost my way a bit when I moved into DC (18th and S, best spot ever)! I was living in a small studio apt and (Jess) one of my best friends, running buddy, and old roomie was getting married and moving to VA Beach. My life was changing yet again and I found myself out at the bars a lot and too hungover most weekends to even think about doing long runs. Even though I was still running and doing races, I wasn't training properly and my times reflected it. The dream of doing a triathlon was pushed somewhere in theback of my brain and I didn't even think about wanting to do one anymore. It took a stab in my heart after a break up in oct of 06 to really get my life back on track and begin running again. During thistime I met the most wonderful person in the world, Jason, my husband now :)
Night I met Jason (not sure why I took a pic with a strange guy?)
Jason was kindof into cycling, but was only bike commuting to work on an big old bike he got from his dad. He always talked about wanting to ride a century, but had never done one. This somewhat peaked my interest, and I got an old hand-me-down bike from my brother in law. This was a walmart bike and was so ghetto! First off the frame was too small for me and I looked like one of those guys you see riding around the city with a kids bike *ghetto*. I know everyone knows what I'm talking about.I started riding my bike to and from work, it was 6 miles round trip, but I didn't take biking any farther than that. I wasn't a cyclist, I was a runner :) About 6 months after riding to work I had got hit by acar at Mass and 4th or 5th! The guy just rolled down his window and asked if I was OK, before I could even really answer he pulled away! Gotta love motorists! My knuckles were bloody, my ankle was messed up,and my crappy bike was totaled. I didn't have my phone on me because well I never bring it work. I walked my totaled crappy ass bike home 2miles in the rain while crying. I tripped over the stupid thing 3 times while walking and finally made it home to Dupont. Great, now I don't have a bike, but to be honest I so scared to get back on a bike I was happy doing my walk/run commute to work instead. It took my several months to finally go up to City Bikes in Adams Morgan to get a new bike.

I wanted something better than I had, but didn't need or want a road bike. I got a hybrid and couldn't believe how wonderful it was! I began riding my bike again to work and what do you know I got hit by a car again in-front on G-Town law. Nothing serious happened and my bike was ok, but I was scared to ride again, but I did! Me and Jason began taking our bikes out on the trails for longer weekend rides (at this point he has a road bike). I couldn't keep up with him at all and all the other bikers looked at me like I was riding on a piece of crap.

I really started to get interested in doing a tri again as I felt more comfortable on my bike, but we had just got engaged and I felt like I could not commit myself to the training with trying to plan and get ready for our wedding. So, the tri was put off, but I knew which one I was going to do in 2011. I was still riding my hybrid and got in a self-inflicted accident at 1st and constitution by the capitol. I took the turn way to fast and ended up flying to the ground hurting my knee. I got right up and looked around, yep people definitely saw me fall! I continued to walk to work (I was only .3 miles from work at this point) but then felt like I was about to pass out and looked down and saw lots of blood running down my legs, arms, and hands. The Capitol Police came over to help me and thought I hit my head because I was so out of it. I couldn't get a hold of my husband and the police couldn't give me a ride home so I hobbled home and bloody crying mess again. Once again I was scared to bike! My knee was messed up and I couldn't bike yet alone run! But, I still wanted to continue biking and do a tri :)

The week the registration was open for the Nations Tri, I was on travel for work, and I was scared it would sell out, so Jason registered for me on the first day it opened. I think I was probably one of the first
10 people to register :) I still was not biking at this point and plus it was cold. I was now more nervous about swimming then biking! I took swim lessons when I was 7! and yes that is the last time I have really ever swam. My first day in the pool was Jan 1st and man was it rough! I looked like an idiot and could barley make it one lap! I thought to myself..what the hell did I get myself into!!! But, I have been working hard and can now swim a mile without stopping :) And as for the bike goes, I am feeling much more confident! I bought my first road bike in Feb. and love love love it! It's so light and I feel more like a cyclist on it instead of a hipster commuter.
Me on my new road bike!
Now to get to the start line ready and healthy to swim, bike, and run! My only regret is that I wish I have been doing these for years because I already know how much I love the tri.