Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Look... I blogged!

So I am coming out of hiding today and actually blogging. I know. OMG. How exciting!
I have been pretty lazy and still have two 70.3 race recaps to write which I will hopefully do soon.
Anyhow, since Rev3 70.3 Williamsburg which was a little less than two weeks ago, I have been trying to fight my way out of a fatigue hole. I guess this is the one bad thing about coaching yourself. I really didn't allow myself any taper/recovery from this race and went right on with Ironman training. Unfortunately for me the two weeks following the race have been peak build weeks. Joy.  
Last week went ok I suppose and I'm surprised I made it through the weekend. I rode 96 miles/bricked 4 miles on Saturday than ran 16 miles on Sunday.  I did however miss one of my shorter swims as I just couldn't will myself to the pool. Not a big deal I suppose.
This week I started off tired. Monday was a rest day, but not really since I have to work over 12 hours with 4 of those hours being on my feet coaching. It's a long day and I really wish I could have an actual rest day where I come home from work and do nothing! I came close to that yesterday since I bricked in the morning. It almost felt like I didn't work out for the day and coming home and flopping on the couch with Kiwi was the best thing ever. Today though, you guessed it, I'm tired again. I ran this morning and I am not sure how I am going to make it to the pool later. I want sleep!
Anyhow, with about 7 weeks till Mount Tremblant, I feel like I did at the same point last year. That I am ready and I wish the race was in a few weeks, not 7 weeks. My body is tired and ready for a break! But I am in the final home stretch of training before taper begins. Well, ok, I still have 3 more super long rides of 100 miles and a big 20 mile run (ouch my hip hurts already) before taper-ish distances begin.
I am really looking forward to recovery week next week and visiting my family in Ohio. I think it's just the break my body is begging for.
Ok I'm rambling on now.

Happy Wenesday All :)