Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oceanside Training Begins

So, I have decided to crawl out of the wood work today and blog. I know, OMG, how exciting!
Anyhow, the 2013 race season is pretty much over for me with just a couple little local 5ks and 8ks left to do as fun races. Or in other words try to run as fast I can without really doing any speed work #goodideas.
With that said, I'm really looking onto 2014. My first big race of the season is Oceanside 70.3. I will most likely do some smaller running races leading up to this 70.3 but as of now have not found any that have tickled my fancy in Jan or Feb. This week marks my first week of a 20 week training problem for Oceanside. I am using the same training program I have used in the past for 70.3s. It's a little heavy on the bike, but I still need to improve my bike speed. Well heck I need to improve my speed on all three legs.
I have a long season ahead of me and a big goal. I just hope I don't burn myself out before then. Ok I'm rambling now...

Happy Wednesday All :) 

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