Friday, September 7, 2012

Post Ironman...

It has been almost two weeks since ironman and I think post - IM depression is setting in. It's a weird thing, I nearly worked 8 months towards one goal. Then bam, it's over in one single day. It's almost like I feel lost right now, that I have no direction...
The first week after Louisville I did nothing. Actually I did do something, I napped, then I napped some more. The only form of physical activity that I did was ride/walk to work. I also dropped in on track practice to say hello to my friends and did warm up and cool down laps with them, but even that felt hard.
At the beginning of this week, blob state started to set in and I knew I had to start doing something again besides eating all the junk food I could find. I have managed to do the following this week:
Tues: Fresh Bike's Hill Ride - 16 miles
Wed: swim 2000 yards
Thurs: run 3.1 (omg I felt like death).
Friday: well I plan on swimming today after work.
So yeah, it's not a lot, but I suppose it's better than doing nothing at all.
But there still seems to be something missing? What am I working towards? There is no spreadsheet to check. There is nothing telling me what to do. I am lost.
Yes, I have the Marine Corp Marathon coming up Oct. 28th which should give me something to work towards. But this is not my race and this is not my goal. This is Jason's race and his goal and I am merely just running it with him at whatever pace pleases him. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to run by his side during his first marathon, but it's just not the same as running your own race.
So, in a moment of weakness, I registered for another ironman! There is something that just draws me towards the challenge. I know I can do better, I know I can run faster. I know I go under 14 hours. Ironman Mont Tremblant, please be nice to me and make all my dreams come true. ha. And actually if things don't go as planned, I can blame Jason. After all Kiwi and him are the ones that registered me :) 

In the meantime, I think I will soak up my time off and just try to enjoy myself. I actually have plenty on my plate that will keep my busy before I have to jump back into IM training next year.
Happy Friday All :)


  1. Wahoo IMMT!! You're going to love it.

  2. It's hard to balance the need for recover prior to building up for the next thing with the desire to maintain SOME fitness. If you figure it out, let me know.

  3. I can imagine it's hard to shift gears like that and go from constant training mode, to recovery. Try to enjoy this time as much as you can- training will begin again before you know it!

  4. Yay!! Congratulations on signing up for another Ironman :) I know what you mean, I'm probably going to feel lost after our marathon is over.