Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marine Corps Recap

So proud of my one and only, M, and my friend Jill for finishing their first marathon!

Heading into race day we were scared about hurricane Sandy ruining our day, but in reality the weather was perfect to run in. No sun, nice temp, and well a little windy at some points but not bad at all.

We headed down to the race around 5:45am and I have never had so much fun hanging out before the start of a race. I was laughing so hard when I tried to crack my hard boiled egg on the parking lot and the whole egg just exploded  Hard boiled egg...hmm...I think not. It was uncooked and egg was every where. We even had the people standing around us laughing too. It totally made it feel like we were not about to run 26.2 miles.

Once we started running, Jill took off to run her own race, and I just stuck by Ms side as I had told him I would run with him the entire race at whatever pace he wanted to run. I tried pacing him, but yeah he doesn't really like me pacing him so I just went with the flow and tried to enjoy myself as much as one can when they are running a marathon for fun. Plus well wearing a Halloween costume to run in always spices things up :)

I loved running through g-town and seeing Mia at that point. I also strangely liked Haines Point. Especially all these flags they had down there.

My legs were secretly hurting around mile 17-18 but I didn't want to complain and let Jason know about it. My feet were also hurting as I hated the shoes I choose to wear and my arches were screaming at me. I kept a smile on my face though and kept on running. The funny thing about running a marathon for fun though is your body doesn't seem to care if it's trying to run a sub 4 or just run to finish. It hurts regardless. I do think this will be the last time though that I run one for offense Jas... but if I'm going to put my body through this again I want to chase after my own personal goal.

Anyhow, I tried making funny, that's what she said jokes, as we ran down the mall to the Capital. If you have looked at the course map for this race, you will know what I am talking about.

Once we made it off the mall, we made our way over the 14th street bridge. It was just as dumb as I remember it being when I ran MCM in 2004. It was also at this point that we caught back up to my friend Jill. The three of us ran the rest of the race together :)

The last 6 miles were hard, as they always are, but we all finished together! Well almost all finished together. M was a little sneak and sprinted to the finish line to beat me and Jill by 8 seconds!!! He also made his goal of  beating my first marathon time, on the same course, which was 5:04 something.

My finish time: 4:58
M's aka Jason's finish: 4:57:52

Go M on your sub 5 finish!!!

Overall it was a great race and I loved being able to run it with my love and with one of my really good friends. And once again I am so proud of both of them and hopefully they are proud of themselves.

Happy Wen All


  1. You outran a hurricane! Sounds pretty intense when you put it that way right? Way to go, sounds like a great race for you.

  2. Yay Jason! He should write a guest post.. maybe about how well his training plan from Coach Kiwi worked :)

  3. Congratulations to both of you, that is great!

  4. Congrats!!!

    I agree though that it's tough to run a marathon for "fun". Those last 6 miles are hard regardless of how slow or fast you are running! It's pretty awesome to get to run with someone on their first marathon though - I think that is an exception to the no racing for fun rule :)