Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Week so Far

So I haven't blogged all week. Mainly because I wanted to write a race report from our 20 mile race, but I have been to lazy to upload my garmin data. No garmin data and no pretty graphs, means no race report right now.
In the meantime, this week has been going ok.
Monday - I ran the coldest 5 miles of my life. Ok, not really, but it was cold and my lungs weren't used to running in the cooler temps. I felt light headed and dizzy. My ears were cold, my hamstring hurt. I could go on complaining, because honestly I can, but yeah I'll stop. I'll just be happy that I ran 5 miles and I had the day off work
Tues - Brought the return of Capitol Hill repeats. I haven't done these well since June. I waited till M got home and we ran down to the Capitol together around 7:30pm. It was dark out, but the area is well lite. I had in my head I wanted to do 6 x repeats, so that's what we did. Strangely I had fun during this run and kind of missed doing the hill workout all those months.
Wen - Did a 5 mile tempo run during my lunch break. My goal was to run 8 minute miles for all 5 miles. I came somewhat close and hit most of my miles right at 8:03. Mile 3 must have sucked though because I slowed down to a 8:18 minute mile, but I was still happy with my overall run. I also forgot how much I like running during the day. Hopefully I can bring back the lunch time run once a week. On the down side of yesterday, I had a swim fail and went home and napped with Kiwi instead.
Thurs - I miss cycling, so I joined Rachel in the dark cold morning at Haines point to get some riding in:
             It was cold ~  check
             It was windy ~  check
             It was fun ~  check
             Now I want a winter cycling jacket more that anything.
Friday - I hope or the plan is to run 13 miles before going into work at 7:30am. Since I don't own a head light, I think I'm just going to put one of my bike lights on my nathan's bottle. This should work and hopefully then I won't look like a zombie wondering around on the dark streets of DC. Also trying to get to work on time should be motivation for me to run faster.
Sat/Sun - Relax and enjoy time with my family in the Cleveland area :)
This brings me to next week - goal - return to swimming at least twice a week to maintain my swim fitness. No more naps instead of swimming.
Happy Thurs All :)


  1. No more naps? Coach Kiwi does not approve.

  2. Sounds like a great week other than the lung burning cold! Here it's still unseasonably warm...

  3. Lots of running this week! Must be almost marathon time. :) Have fun in Cleveland!