Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Richmond Half Race Report

So I'm back from vacation and I guess I can finally write something up about the Richmond Half marathon.
I will start off saying it was the WORST.RACE.EVER....
Not because it was poorly run, but because I ran poorly!
I felt ok the morning of until my wave went over the timing mat. From the second I started running I felt light headed and dizzy. I thought I might actually pass out. I clipped out mile one with a 7:50 pace, but knew there was no way in hell I could keep running that pace. I told myself to just run and not worry about the pace and just run to survive is what I did. By mile 2, I was up to an 8 minute mile and the thoughts of just walking back to the start line entered my head. I felt that bad. But I didn't want to look like a wimp so I kept running.
With each mile I ran, my pace got slower and slower which is actually kind of funny. I thought maybe I didn't eat enough the night before/morning off and was just bonking? I got out my honey chews ate three, and ended up dropping the rest on the ground. Fail.
I was waiting for V and R to pass me. I figured when the 1:50 pace group passed me at mile 5 they were not far behind. I waited and I waited and I finally saw them around mile 10 or so. I tired to run with them, but yeah my body wasn't haven't it. I was trying to stay in good spirits, but it was really hard to do. By the time I saw V I almost started crying. I have never felt so bad on a run before. I wanted the race to be over. 3 more easy miles.
But yeah not easy. Not today.
The last mile was all downhill, but I actually thought it hurt my legs more? I don't know. But I do know I was happy to see the finish line. I was happy for it to be over with.
I did not PR. I did not even come close to a PR. I think my finish time was 1:56 or 1:57 something. I was mad. I was disappointed.
Even though I did not have the best race, I still have a great weekend with my friends. And really not ever race is going to be your best race and this one was just one of those.
Happy Wen All and Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and wishing you better future races.

  2. I'm sorry that your race didn't go the way you want, but just finishing is sometimes an accomplishment!