Friday, April 5, 2013

Cold water swimming

Guys we finally got the water temp read out yesterday....
52 - 53 Degrees!!!!
Cold. Cold. Cold. and some more Cold.
Am I freaking out. Yes. Is this swim only 750 meters. Yes. Will I live. Yes. Will I be cold. Yes.
Plan of attack here ---- swim fast ---- and get the hell out of the water as fast as I can!!
Things I plan to do:
1. Wear my full sleeve wet suit
2. Crap I no other cold weather swimming gear
3. Scramble around town looking for a neoprene swim cap and maybe booties
4. Cry about how cold the water is going to be
5. Cry some more about it and swim in it anyhow
6. Get some ear plugs
7. Complain some more
8. Wear a cycling jacket and gloves on the bike so I can try to warm up
9. Keep a positive attitude - or at least try too
10. Oh yeah have fun in the cold water :)
Ok - done with my little rant - I am ready to swim and race!!
NC here comes to the M's - cold water and all. Oh yeah this is M's first ows, lucky him! He will do great though, I know it!
Happy Friday All and have a great weekend!  


  1. Good luck, I hate cold, cold water! Just be ready for that initial shock!

  2. Why is "pee in my wetsuit" not on this list?

  3. That is cold!! Mike and I did our first tri in about 58-59 degree water without wetsuits, so you should be alright! Good luck!