Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Tri of the Season!

Guess What... It's Race Week!!! Yippy!
My first tri of the season is this Sunday - White Lake Sprint - and I'm super excited to race.
Half of me kind of wishes I was doing the 70.3 on Sat but the other half is glad I'm doing the sprint. Either way, it feels like it's been forever since I have actually done a tri. Oh wait it has. My last tri was at IM Louisville.
I just put on my race wheels over the weekend :)

They feel great, although I got freaked out in the wind with them yesterday. To be fair we had 18-20mph winds and I just felt like I was getting blown around and felt as if I might get knocked over. Don't know if it's the wheels fault or not but my bike handling skills get a big fail with a capital F. I only did one lap at Haines and then rode home. Stupid. I know. So hopefully they will feel more comfy when I ride on Sat before driving down to NC for the race.
Anyhow, this is not an A race or anything and is more a less a fun little race but I still want to do ok. Maybe riding 2.5 hrs the day before is not the smartest but yeah I'm sure my legs will be fine.
Some little goals:
Swim ~
The water, well I'm not really sure what the water temp is suppose to be? My guess is low to mid 60s. I plan on wearing my full sleeved wet suit and getting out of the water as fast as possible. What's fast for me for 750 meters. I have no clue, ha. I really am clueless about swim times. I just know I will actually put forth an effort on the swim instead of just swimming to swim like I usually do during a race. I haven't been in open water in so long that I hope not to panic when the gun goes off. Also get my wet suit off my ankles fast in T1. I suck at this!
Bike ~
My bike times have been so slow in training. Every day it's windy. Maybe it won't be windy on Sunday, that would be so nice! I really don't have a clue what to expect out of myself. The course is two 7 mile flat loops that go around the lake. This sounds like a fast course. Hoping for 19mph but we shall see.
Run ~
I really don't get the run course and it kind of sounds more or less like a cross country course. Anyhow I have been having good runs off the bike. 7:xx miles for the win! Now to actually achieve this pace during the race :)
Nutrition ~ It's a sprint, but I plan on eating some honey stinger chews on the bike and make sure I drink.  
Happy Wednesday All :)


  1. Good luck!!! Kinda jealous you have your first tri already. Mine isn't until next month.

  2. Good luck and have fun! I'm a little jealous! ;-)

  3. Fun! My first of the season is next weekend and reading this got me a little psyched up!

  4. Good luck lady! I miss racing with you all!

  5. Yay so exciting!! Good luck!

  6. It's probably not too late to switch to the 70.3 #GoodIdeas