Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three Things Tues ~

1. I have been feeling like death in the water lately, but I had my first good swim in a long time yesterday. I know a couple months ago swimming was my favorite of the three sports, but recently it has dropped to last place. Hopefully, after yesterdays swim I will be more motivated to go to the pool. After all, I only really have one more swim workout with a 4 in front of it.
2. Jason's first tri is this weekend! I am getting really excited for him and I hope he has a blast. To clear up my training schedule so I am off on Sunday, I will be moving my long run to Friday morning before work. The good thing about taper is that my long run is only 10 miles. I am actually excited about this and looking forward to my run. But not as much as I am looking forward to watching my M race. I secretly love being race shipra.
3. I wanted skittles more than anything in the world yesterday. I have had the worst sweet tooth lately. I held off though and didn't get any. And guess what. I woke up this morning wanting skittles. Looks like I'm just going to have to give in and get them at lunch time.
Happy Tues All :)

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