Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tues Ramblings

As many of you, may or may not know, I coach gymnastics in addition to my full time job. It has been interesting juggling my full time job, coaching 2 nights a week, and finding time to fit in my ironman training. But I have managed and to be honest is almost has reminded me of my old self when I did gymnastics 16-20 hours a week, went to school, and did homework. I guess it all comes down to time management, and I think I secretly like being busy...

Anyhow, in an effort to get the girls that I coach involved in my race, I asked them if they would be interested in writing me little notes that I could pull out and read during my walk run leg. They were pretty excited about this idea last night and happily made me little notes. I folded them up in a zip lock and will not read them until I'm running in the Louisville heat. I'm hoping these little notes will give me a laugh and lift my spirits up when I'm having a low point on the course. Plus the girls loved the idea of being there for me since they can't come cheer me on.

Other than that, I had a great swim last-night and swam 4000 meters straight (which I think is 2.4 miles?). I really just wanted to double check I could indeed swim the distance since my longest open water swim has only been 2 miles. It took me 1:15 minutes to swim the 4000, but I know this will be no where close to my IM swim time and I'm ok with that.

I could continue to ramble, but I'll go for now.

Happy Tues All :)


  1. Aww, I love that idea! That's a great way to get them involved in your Ironman.

  2. I think that's a great idea! I'm sure it will be great to read them when you are out running.

  3. That's a really cute idea! I hope it gives you a good smile on the run! :)

  4. Such a great idea to involve the girls you coach! I can't even imagine how you fit all of that into your schedule. Do you cook meals too or go the microwave route?

    1. We usually cook meals. And by we, I mean Jason usually cooks dinner for me :)