Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Prince William Forest Park

Happy Tues everyone. I ended up having not only a great race, but an overall great weekend while visiting my friend in VA Beach.

While I am still super excited about my race time - I'm going to skip over writing a race report today and talk about Ms and I lovely bike ride on Sunday.

We had brought our bikes with us to the beach and our original plan was to meet up with a local bike shop and go for a ride. However it still seemed super cold in the morning, so we decided it would just be smarter to go later in the day. Stopping at Prince William Forest Park off 95 on our way home made perfect sense and we got there around 11ish. Perfect! Plus the park is only about 35 minutes outside of DC.

I have only rode here once and it was a big fail last yr. I had to walk my bike uphill. ha. I was scared the same thing was going to happen to me this year, because well I suck at hills and I haven't rode on any really since the fall. But nope. Didn't have to walk at all this time.

What is nice about the PWF Park is it's about a 11.5 mile loop that basically no cars drive on. I liked looped courses early season because it's nice to know you are always close to your car if your feet happen to freeze off. Plus there is a visitors center with a restroom you can use which is a big plus for me.

The loop has about 912 feet of climbing - and most of the hills seem to be in one section so your legs are really working. And by working I mean I was going 4mph up hill. Slow Slow Slow. And the down hills - fun but scary. Going 36mph weeee.

Overall it was a good ride and we just did two loops for 24 miles with 1,824 ft of climbing. I will def. be coming back here because it's a great area to ride plus I need hills, hills, hills this year and these ones are nice and close.

Have a great Tues :)


  1. Glad you found a new cycling route that's fun and challenging! Nice to see you blogging again.

  2. Skyline, Mt. Weather, Massanutten....Great Hills in the Shenendoahs!

  3. Riding outside on a beautiful sunday afternoon.... i'm so jealous. You are MUCH improved from last year.

  4. Glad to hear you are back at it and having fun!! Looks like some nice rollers :-)