Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Cycling

Last year I wouldn't, I mean I didn't, even think of riding outside this time of year. It was the trainer without question every time I had cycling on my schedule.

This year I am changing my tune a bit and went out and bought winter cycling gear and have been riding outside on some of the days. Sure it's cold out there, but I loaf the trainer! I know you can and do get good workouts in on your trainer but... it's just so boring to me! I can't watch tv as it doesn't motivate me so it's just me, my bike, and pandora. I actually dread the time on my trainer even though it's never too bad once I get started.

Anyhow, I have been trying to get out there and ride if the weather is at least 35/40 degrees and the wind isn't something ridiculous. Yesterday I headed out after work at about 3:50pm to get in an 1:45 worth of riding. It was about 40 out when I left and I don't think it got any warmer while I was trying to out ride the sun set. My feet for me have been a big issue while riding in the cold so I have made some changes to keep them warmer. Instead of just toe covers I went out and bought full shoe covers. This made a big difference. I also have been using Heat Max foot warmers. These are kind of neat and just stick on the bottom of your socks and help keep your feet warm. As for my cycling jacket I went with a little bit of a warmer jacket (that has fleece on the inside) & has wind stopping material on the outside - the Castelli Viziata jacket. I love it and it keeps me warm, but sometimes I get a little too toasty in it. Strangely my hands don't get too cold while riding in aero and I use middle thickness cycling gloves. Now my commute is a different story - my hands are always cold on my commute to work and I'm currently on the search for warmer gloves. Lastly, I always have to keep my ears covered and just put on any hat that I have handy.

But even with all this stuff on I think my max ride time in the cold is about 2 hours. Yesterday for whatever reason my feet were still cold and turning into ice blocks. I thought about calling it quits an hour in but stuck it out. A warm shower never felt so good once I made it home and I just melted into the couch the rest of the night.

So winter cycling - Do you stay on your trainer or do you brave the cold?

I think for me I will continue to do some of my rides on the trainer and some outside.

Happy Wednesday All :)


  1. I am a trainer guy all the way when it is cold! I do not have the gear to ride outside! Can't wait for warmer weather!

  2. I hate the trainer so much. It seems to be extra uncomfortable to me, especially in the saddle. And the boredom, oh the boredom, even with special trainer workouts. That being said, I really don't like to ride in the cold or bad weather. Mid 40s is about as cold as I can stand it. I need to get better cold gear, but spring is just around the corner. Also I won't ride in the dark, and the days are still too short around here.

  3. It's the wind that gets me! Here in San Francisco, low 40s is about the worst it's going to get, but I heat up crazy fast (I'm still running in shorts) so the temperature alone is fine. But the wind just cuts through everything, and I'll end up simultaneously sweating and freezing inside my jacket. Makes for a sexxxxxxxy bike commute! I'm impressed with anyone who bikes in "real" winter, though.