Friday, May 31, 2013

National Harbor OWS

I didn't have to coach gymnastics this week, so I took full advantage of it and decided to test out swimming at the National Harbor. These open water swims are put on by Wave One swimming and are held every Thursday. Of course I coach every Thursday so I was excited that I could actually go to one!

We (Jason and I) arrived with plenty of time before the swim start. It was a super relaxed set up and they just gave a short and sweet overview before we could get in the water.
The course was set up at a 300 meter triangle and you could swim much as you wanted for an hour or until the sun went down. The water felt clean and was the perfect temp at 74 degrees. I was glad I decided not to wear my wetsuit and get in some last minute open water training in before Raleigh. I swam 8 loops in who knows how long?? I always forget to wear a watch to these things. The buoys were a little hard to sight as they were small, but you can't really get lost when you are swimming in a circle.
Overall it was a great experience and I am sad I can't make it to any more of these as my open water swimming and my swimming in general is not the best.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend! 


  1. Sounds like a fun event! Good luck to both of you this weekend!

  2. What a great opportunity! Glad you took advantage of it on a night you didn't have to coach.