Friday, May 10, 2013

Racing Weekend

It's Race Day tomorrow!

What race you ask? Kinetic 70.3 - Well I'm only doing the aqua-velo as a training day for Raleigh 70.3

I have actually never done an aqua-velo so it should be fun :) I plan on taking off my timing chip and doing a short brick run when finished. I think it will be a great chance to test out my nutrition plan and work on getting my T1 time down. I always suck in T1.

Hopefully the rain holds off for us. As of now it's a 60% chance of rain. Ugh. Biking in the rain. Not my favorite thing to do. At least on the bright side of things it will be about 70 when we start the ride, so I won't be freezing.

Regardless I am excited about this race as it was my first ever 70.3 last year. 

I think the course is great! But I will be honest I'm not shedding over tears about not running 3 hill filled loops. I'll let everyone else have fun with that.

Happy Friday All and good luck to everyone racing this weekend :)


  1. Have an awesome race - don't forget to hammer on the bike!

  2. Hope the weather holds out for you! Sounds like fun!

  3. Have fun! I love how you are using it to practice some of the key elements of tri racing.

  4. I hope your race went well! Minus a few raindrops on the bike, it was a perfect day to race!

  5. Hope you had a great race!