Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Raleigh 70.3 Goals

IM Raleigh 70.3 is this weekend and I am getting excited!
I used the same 20 week training plan that I used last year, which is from I know this is just a generic plan and is not catered toward individual athletes, but it seems to work out ok for me and it's free! True specific workouts are not given, only time, but it wasn't too hard to know some of these workouts needed to be interval, hill, or speed work days. Overall I think training went well, even though my motivation was pretty low in Jan and Feb. Slowly but surely I got more into training and am excited to race this weekend :)
I registered for this race the same day it opened and am looking forward to hopefully a traffic free 4 hour drive to Raleigh. I don't know why though that I didn't think there going to be a heat wave in NC in June. I don't race well in heat. Actually I am horrible runner in the heat. We have had a cold spring this year and I was hoping it would continue through the first weekend in June, but no so such luck. Race day weather as of today: 89! But I am trying to stay positive here - we can not control the weather, so I just have to make the most of it - it could be worse - like rain and high winds. So I will not complain.
I started to get nervous thinking about the goals I have set for myself and how the heat might be in the way of my death march on the run...
swim: around 35-37 minutes.
Not sure how much a wetsuit actually helps you, but my time at kinetic last yr was 36 minutes, so just hoping to do the same. Also hoping I don't panic in the damn water. I always seem to do this. I would also like to put forth an effort on the swim instead of just floating along at a comfy zone 1 pace. 
Bike: around 2:55 (give or take)
The bike course looks to be rolling hills with an adorable 1200 ft of climbing over the 56 miles. This seems like it should be a fast course? I really have no clue. I just want to ride smart, take in my calories, and save some of my legs for the run. As Karen says, "drink your drink, eat your snacks."
Run: ??? wildcard
Umm...usually the run is my strongest leg, but this is the leg that I am really nervous about. Like I mentioned I don't run well in the heat and my body really hasn't had a chance to get to used to running in the heat since it's been cooler. I have been running high 7s to low 8s off the bike and my original goal was around a 1:45 half. I don't know if this is reasonable anymore or if I am just being a wimp. I guess I really will not know until I'm running out of T2 as to how the day will go. I need to stop working myself up about this stupid run.
Get the hell out there as fast as I can and don't BS around like I usually do.
Hmm...lets see...other than being a little nervous I think I am ready to go :)

Happy Wednesday all :)


  1. The second half of the bike has the majority of the hills. There is a long, gradual hill around mile 12 when you turn on to Pea Ridge but after that it's pretty much rolling until you hit mile 30 or so and then there are a few steeper climbs. The run's hills are from around mile 5-9 when you are in the art museum park but after that it's pretty much flat or downhill. Hope we get to meet up while you are here!

    1. Thanks for the course info! Also I agree, hopefully we have a chance to meet up :)

  2. NTP goal race is this weekend too! I am definitely nervous about the heat but am hopeful that with enough proper hydration it won't be a major problem. Good luck!

  3. Best of luck! I'm racing Rev3 Quassy this weekend and I have the same thought as to the run. My best advice is to take the first mile of the run and let your body simply adjust. Don't shoot for any specific pace in that period, just let the legs loosen up, any cramps subside, and then relax into a comfortable pace. Once you're there, then you can push the pace if needed. It's gonna' be a warm race weekend!!

    I look forward to seeing how it all went!

  4. Good luck Sarah! I'll be following you -- this is a race I'm looking to do myself, sounds like a great course!