Friday, May 3, 2013

Training Update

Just checking in as I seem to keep forgetting about my little blog.
Last week I was sick basically the entire week. I struggled through my workouts Tues - Thurs and finally just couldn't force myself out the door last Friday as I felt like death. I still felt like death on Sat and missed around a 60 mile ride/brick run. I didn't want to not do anything so I dragged myself to the pool and managed to swim 3000 yards. Sunday and Monday though - more rest days as my body got over this stupid sickness.
I basically panicked and had a breakdown about missing 4 days in a row of workouts. I especially panicked about missing my long ride as I had missed my long ride the weekend before due to visiting family/friends in VA Beach. That's two long rides missed back to back. I was almost in tears. Will I be able to finish Mount Tremblant? Do I have enough bike training for Raleigh? Have I ruined my training? It's hard for me to deal with missing workouts. I see the workout on the training schedule and I want to do it. It's there for a reason. But, in the end, I am sure I will be fine. I think we have 18 weeks left before MTB and I'm sure I'll have a chance for lots of fun rides. I know working out while sick doesn't really make sense and hopefully I don't get sick again.
This week I feel 100% again and my training has been going well. No missed workouts :)
I am looking forward to the weekend as we are heading down to Lake Anna for some open water swimming tomorrow. As you guys know, my swimming sucks so this should be helpful. Then on Sunday - Long Ride - woot!
Happy Friday All and have a great weekend :)


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Those missed workouts were necessary, you will still do awesome!

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