Friday, May 11, 2012

Last Minute Stuff

So, yeah, I lied yesterday about the whole not being worried about this little 70.3 race.
Last night, I tossed and turned, then tossed and turned some more. But I don't think it's so much about the race itself as it is the stuff I need to get ready for the race and everything seems so last minute. I hate that.  
1. My new torhans aero 30 bottle came in this week and it doesn't fit perfectly into my old aero mount kit. I figured it would since it's the same brand as my 20 but the bottle is a little longer and hits part of boomer. It has two places I could mount it and the one works perfect, but then I can't attach my aero tray (which is were my garmin edge 500 is mounted.) This means I need to run out and buy some double sided tape and move the entire mount forward some. Which also means my straw will be in a different place. ugh. I know this is an easy fix, but still I would rather not be doing it the day before my race.
2. I still have not put on my x-wing for extra water bottles. I want to put this on because currently I do not keep a wedge on my bike and have all my flat tire stuff in my bento box. This doesn't give me that much room for my snacks. I can currently only fit one waffle and one pack of chews in there. I need more room. My idea is to actually put my repair kit stuff into one of my water bottles and rubber band it down so it doesn't go flying if I hit a bump. Seems like a good idea to me. I just hope it doesn't take me forever in a day to put this simple looking thing on the back of my seat.
3. Speaking of biking, I am nervous about the water bottle hand off. Why did I never practice this? But maybe I will not need it too grab one if I have my 30oz aero bottle, 1 bottle on the frame, and one bottle behind my seat?
4. Oh and I hope I don't have to use my repair kit!!! I haven't had to deal with a flat since last year! If I do, I pray it's my front tire that goes. If it's my back then I'm F'ed.
5. I still have to pack everything once I got home from work today. My house is a mess and it's going to take forever to find everything I need before I leave tonight for Fredericksburg
6. Thank goodness there is a not a 6 :) I guess it looks like I'm just worried about boomer.
Hope everyone has a great day and if you are racing this weekend... Good Luck!!!  


  1. Not sure what I'm going to do about the bottle handoff, either. I think if I feel like I really need it, I'll just slow way down and maybe even stop. Since we do two loops, I think you have a couple of chances to decide if you want it.

    I practiced changing my back tire last night. Ended up covered in grease. I don't think I broke my bike...Don't worry about getting a flat- if something happens, just do what you need to do and fix it.

  2. For extra nutrition, see if the tri kit you are wearing has pockets (it probably does). Stick it in your bike shoes, then you won't forget it in transition.

  3. Bottle hand offs aren't that tricky. I think you can handle it - and I think you should. Why carry the extra weight on your bike if you don't need to? Use what the race is supplying to drop some weight and add some speed! See you tomorrow!

  4. If I who could not take a hand off my handlebars for even ONE SECOND in March can successfully navigate a bottle handoff, you can too! Have a great race!

  5. I'm a bit behind the curve here, you've already raced (and I'm sure you kicked butt), but a thought on carrying extra nutrition. The sports bra. Its a multi-purpose invention. And if you are anything like me, the sports bra is half empty and can carry A TON of nutrition. I ate 18 gels, carried extra NUUN tabs and salt stick tabs with me at Placid last year thanks to my sports bra. No way all of that would've fit in my bento box.

  6. Hope you had a great race!!!