Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vegas Recap

Well, I am finally back from my trip to Vegas.  I will just say that it was not the trip I had planned at all. I only felt good the first day and then I got sick and stayed sick the entire time I was there. I am just now starting to feel better. 

On Friday, I got all fancy and we went to a nice steak restaurant. Could this have made me sick? 

After dinner Jason and his friends had some drinks and I just drank energy drinks. Maybe I drank too many and these made me sick? 

Jason, played roulette and hoped he would win big so he could buy me some race wheels :)

My friend, Jess, decided last minute to join in on the fun and drove from CA and made it to Vegas at 1am. 

The next morning we went to breakfast and I couldn't eat a thing, not a thing! Now this is very strange since I'm always hungry 24/7. We went back to the room to get ready for the pool and I threw up. ugh. This made me feel better for an hour or so. I thought I was feeling better, so I went to go buy some sun screen with Jess and ended up puking in a trash can in the middle of the casino floor. I felt so stupid! 

So Jess and Jason went to the pool without me and proceeded to text me that they would save me a beer. When I finally came out of my room into the sun, I found them with three empty buckets of beer. 

I pretended I was having just as much fun... 

After the pool, we napped then went to dinner. I had a milk shake, oh boy. But I really didn't want to miss out on the fun and stayed out with the group. We had a blast and had a lot of good laughs. 

On Sunday, my other friend Jill arrived and we had the best brunch ever. We acted like high schoolers and the people sitting next to us got upset and ended up leaving.... 

We ended the day with lots of gambling, but mostly black jack.... like black jack until 3am when I went to bed. 

My friend Jill on the other hand stayed up till 8am playing!!! 

Monday wasn't too exciting and we didn't get back home until 1am on that night. I still wasn't feeling the greatest and slept all day yesterday. 

I am just now starting to feel better and can finally start eating again. I actually lost 3 pounds while on vacation... I guess I'm just that much closer to my race weight now, ha, just kidding. 

I hope everyone had great weekends and races.  


  1. oh man, sorry you got sick on your trip! Did you win any $$ out of the deal??

  2. Great fancy dress btw!! Bummer about being sick on vacation! But hey at least you didn't over do it on the eating during taper :-) I'm just kidding. recover quickly so you are in race shape!

  3. I'm sorry you got sick on vacation, but at least it sounds like you were still able to enjoy a lot of your time in Vegas!