Wednesday, July 18, 2012

100 Miles to Nowhere...

So, I'm going to back track a little and talk about last Friday.

I took the day off work to fit in my training before the weekend hit. I was a little nervous about riding 100 miles by myself and more nervous about rush hour traffic that I might encounter leaving the city. To ensure I hit as little traffic as possible, I started my ride at 6am. I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't much traffic on Rock Creek or McAurther blvd. I actually think there was less traffic on these roads then when I ride on Saturday mornings.

By the time I made it to the BP gas station in Potomac, MD (which is only 20 miles) I was already bonking bad. I guess eating only one egg and a granola bar just wasn't enough food before I left. Plus the skies were super dark and I had been getting lightly rained on for the last hour or so. I made the executive decision to stop and get some food - read a snickers bar- and wolf it down in the parking lot while I called Jason about the weather forecast. As much as I wanted to turn around and go back home because I wasn't feeling it, I couldn't let myself. For one thing I only had 80 miles left, for another I don't like quitting the middle of a workout.

So I rode on and by the time I made it 10 more miles down the road, it had stopped raining and I was feeling great. I was so happy with my decision not to be a baby. I continued to ride to Poolesville and tacked on an extra little loop here and there to get in all my miles. I stopped at the famous gas station around mile 55 and used it as a practice special needs stop. I went to the bathroom, ate a PB&J sandwich and drank some sips of a coke which in all was probably only a 5 minute stop.  Not too bad. While on my way back to the city I picked up a cycling buddy for about 5 miles. He was actually the only other cyclist I saw out all day. I would have loved to ride with him longer, but yeah I'm a slow poke and well he was fast. I continued on my way as I made up songs and sang them to myself. Hey, it gets boring out there by yourself and I had to think of something to keep myself occupied.

I still felt great once I made it back to Potomac and couldn't believe how much fun I was having. I have never rode this long by myself, but it really wasn't bad at all and I think it was great training for IM since I have to do that on my own anyhow. If I had it my way, I would take off work every Friday to ride. I really really loved it.

Anyhow, my last 20 miles were going great until I hit Dupont. Then I was stuck in stop and go traffic for the next 5 miles or so. I hated every minute of it and it was a lot of minutes. It took me so long to get home from here going 10pmh and hitting every light. I almost got doored on Q street and had angry drivers honking at me on Mass Ave. I was not a happy camper by the time I made it home. I wish there was some way I could make it back to my house and by-pass all that stupid city riding.

Once home - about 6 hours and 15 minutes later - I changed into my running shoes and went out the door for a 5 mile run. The sun was tucked behind clouds all day, but of course started shining bright by the time I started running. I ran past the ball park and saw people eating lemon ices. I was hot and hungry and wanted to snatch the frozen treats out of their hands. I was actually tempted to just stop running and get one for myself, but I didn't. I finished my 5 miles strong and ran right into the little store by my house and got a coke and chocolate milk. Yum.

It was a long and hard training day by myself, but I really felt great the entire time and seriously enjoyed myself. I can only hope I feel this good on race day. Besides not eating enough in the morning before I started, I pretty much nailed my nutrition. I ate a total of 4 honey stinger chew packs, 1 snickers bar, and 1 PB&J. In addition to re-filling my aero bottle 3 times (with Gu Brew tablets) and sipping water from may cage bottle. I have also been using Salt Stick tablets, but since this day was overcast most of the time, I decided not to take them and I felt fine. However, I know these will be my best friends at Louisville. On the run, I didn't have any stomach issues, but felt myself getting hungry as I was finishing up at mile 5. My stomach is super weird when I run, so I'm just going to play it by ear on race day and eat what I feel like at the aid stations. Smart? maybe, maybe not? But I'll guess I'll see.

Sorry for rambling so much.

Happy Wednesday All :)


  1. "For one thing I only had 80 miles left"

    I'm just quoting this here to point out how ridiculous this statement is.

  2. Congrats on the big day! Sometimes I really enjoy riding my bike solo, you can go whatever pace you want, stop when you want, and sing loudly and not care :)

  3. I wish I would get out and ride long by myself, but I can never seem to do it. Good on you!

  4. Awesome job with this one! To me, it's just absolutely incredible that you can ride that far and then do a training run in this heat. Wow. Sounds like you really enjoyed it which is wonderful! :-)