Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Recap ~ Rain

So, lets talk about my weekend ...
On Saturday myself, Jason, and Rachel had a grand scheme to ride part of the civil war century out in Thurmont Md. This is about an hour and half drive from DC, but well worth it for hills to ride on! We had to leave early, like 4:45 in the morning early from our place. The city was dark and empty and we picked up Rachel a little after 5 and were on our way.
As we drove, a light rain started to come down. Now the bright person that I am, I never bothered to even check the weather forecast for the day. I mean come on, it's suppose to be sunny since I want to ride my bike. The light rain turned into heaver rain, but we continued on our journey in hopes that it would be clear by the time we got there. I mean the weather only said 30% chance of rain. Once we got there, it wasn't raining!! We got our bikes ready and... yep it started raining again. We sat in the car for about 10 minutes and the rain didn't stop, so we just drove home. My thoughts: What a big waste of time. I could have sleep in. I have been up for 3 hours and haven't even worked out. But who doesn't like hanging out at 5 in the morning :)
But, the day wasn't a complete waste! Once we got back into the city, we threw our bikes in the back of our car and went for a run. Rachel and Jason had a 10 mile run, so I ran the first 10 miles with them at a nice talk able pace. It was raining on and off and my feet were def a little wet. After they finished their run, I ate a honey stinger waffle and refilled my water bottle at my car. Jason jumped in the car to drive home, while I was going to just run home since I had another 10 the run. I picked up the pace once running on my own and keep around a 8:30-9 minute pace for the last 10. I really felt good until about mile 17 when my legs really started to hurt. I thought about the cop from a couple weeks ago telling me to: "suck it up, you only have 3 miles left". So suck it up I did. I finished the 20 miles remembering why I haven't ran a marathon in 7 years. Running that far sucks. I am not complaining, but sorry I just like the half marathon distance better.
Once home I crashed and took so many naps throughout the day!
Take two on riding bikes! Even though we wanted to escape the normal Poolesville route, no one felt like driving anywhere, so Poolesville it was. I met up with some of favorite riding buddies and we were ready to ride. However the ride was not ready for us and it turned into the ride from hell....
1. Poor Rachel fell at the beginning of the ride
2. It started to lightly rain and the decedents downhill were scarey
3. Rachel set a new PR for number of flats: a total of 3!
4. We figured something was up with Rach's tire, so me and Jason took off from the T to ride back to our car to then pick up Rachel
5. Jason gets a flat on the ride to the car, but has no spare tube or CO2
6. I ride the rest of the way to my car by myself as fast as I can
7. Karen and friends fixed Rs flat and fixed Js flat :)
8. I didn't have to pick anyone up and did a 30 minute brick run while waiting for the others to get back.
9. We went to lunch at Jetti's (this was the best part)
10. 3 hours of ride time, but outside for 5 hours, ouch!
On a side note: I held strong and did not sign up for IMLP yesterday. I really really was tempted, and filled out the form, but just couldn't hit register. Looks like I will be training to be the best IM sherpa I can be :) 
Happy Tues all :) 


  1. You forgot:
    -Karen's squeaky brakes
    -My tire being patched with a gu wrapper

    I will now travel at all times with a minimum of two tubes and 3 CO2s

    1. 2 tubes, 3 c02, and a GU WRAPPER. :)

  2. Wait wait, training to be a good IM sherpa? Does Jason have news for us?

    1. Ha. No. I told him too, but he just laughed at me. I plan on maybe going up next year to watch and cheer :)

  3. Sounds like a pretty good weekend! I saw that IMLP sold out already! Craziness! I'm glad that we changed our minds to have Louisville be our first in 2014 because we will have a better chance to get in.

    1. Don't worry, IMKY doesn't sell out. There are still general entry slots up for grabs right now.