Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Friday

1. I now "sleep in" on the week days and get up at ungodly hours on the weekends.
2. I have actually been feeling lazy lately, if I am even allowed to say that.
3. I walked into my office this morning and it smelled like popcorn. yum.
4. Sunday is my last super long run - 20 miles - then it's all downhill until race day.
5. Bento Boxes can be used to store more than just snacks and CO2 cartridges.
6. We finally bought tickets from CA back to DC. Guess I won't be stuck out there now
7. I really want to do a race the weekend on 9/29 or 30th. I don't know why? Looking at a Half IM or a relay maybe.
8. I know I am going to have post -IM depression
9. I am volunteering at the Nation's tri as a body marker! It will be fun.
10. I bought my favorite beer, lambic framboise, and it's sitting in my frig waiting for me after IM.
11. Which brings me to: I haven't drank any alcohol since Feb and I haven't really missed it.
12. I'm excited for next weekend! Recon Mission!!!
13. For some reason I hate lunch foods now and it's such a pain for me to eat lunch because nothing ever sounds good or tastes good
14. Love having a milkshake after a long workout - hope there is a Chick-fil-a on the way home from our hill ride tomorrow.
15. Boomer is getting a little make-over with some pink handle bar tape :)
Happy Friday all and good luck to those racing this weekend :)


  1. Chick fil a tomorrow? yes please!

  2. It's hard to believe that you are almost done with your longest pre-IM run! Good luck. :)