Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Swimming .... this is not my strong point, although I enjoy it. Maybe I need to do more speed work, maybe I need to push myself harder. Either way I just know I need to somehow become faster. I could keep rambling, but hey I don't want this to turn into Sarah complain and wish she could magically become a better swimmer day.

So, anyhow I just realized that all three of my swim days are done at different pools. Which I think is pretty fun and is nice way to keep the scenery fresh. Ok well, I don't know if there is scenery in a pool, but all three pools are different lengths.

Pool #1 ~ Fairland Sports Complex, Laurel MD (25 meters)

This is actually my favorite pool. It is a 50 meter x 25 meter pool that is configured in 25 meter lanes. This really gives you a lot of lanes to swim in! So, the great thing about this pool is I always have a lane to myself!! Maybe it's because I swim here at 3:30 before coaching on Monday's and everyone else is still at work? My only complaint is the chlorine content is pretty high and I can still smell it on myself the next day.

Pool #2 ~ Eastern Market Pool, DC (25 yards)

This was once my beloved pool but they have crazy lane hours during the summer. I only swim here on Wednesday mornings now. And the mornings are busy! I think we had 6 people in a lane this morning. But the big plus about this pool is it's only about 5 blocks from my house. Come fall, I'm sure I will be spending most of my time here again.

Pool #3 ~ East Potomac Park's Pool, Haines Point DC (50 meters)

I am usually swimming here on Friday after work or Sunday afternoons. It's a great option for an outdoor pool and it's nice to swim long course once a week. Although it has some floating things in it which is kind of gross. Plus I have to ride my tank of a commuter bike to get down there which takes me forever!

And the greatest thing about all these pools... they are free for me to use :)

What's your favorite pool? Or do you swim at a bunch of different pools?

Happy Wed :)


  1. Nice variety, I only have one pool and it's 20 m short with a bunch of weirdos in it! :-) Sounds like you like your commuter bike as much as I like mine. I love that I add an xtra 15-20lbs with all the stuff I have to carry for work. Happy Swimming!

  2. I am so jealous that you can swim in all three for free. I had to pay to join the YMCA to use the only pool in my area and it is really old with cockroaches everywhere. Makes it pretty difficult to find motivation to go swim

    1. ewww....roaches....I don't think I could make myself go!

  3. Ahh, outdoor 50 meter pools :) Love them! I swam in a meet in the Virgin Islands in an outdoor 50 meter pool when I was in high school, so much fun!

    Right now we have one pool and the lake, haha. There is an outdoor pool though (not sure of the length though).