Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Training Week in the Bag

Week #19 bites the dust. Which means I only have 5 more weeks of training until race day! I can't believe it is so close. I remember looking at my spreadsheet back in January and thinking all these 100 mile rides and long runs looked so far away. But here we are now and most of the long hard workouts are done! I basically have one more hard week, this week, then all my mileage gets shorter.

Anyhow, here's how last week, recovery week, went...

Monday: Rest Day with a 4 mile bike commute

Bike am ~ 26.3 miles ~ Went to Haines in the morning and met up with Victoria and Karen. We did some interval work and held around 22mph.

Run am ~ 2.3 miles ~ Felt great on this brick run and actually had an 8:45 pace. Something I haven't been seeing very much these days.

Swim pm ~ 3000 meters ~ Wasn't feeling good in the morning so moved my swim till after work which made my evening a little crazy. Had an ok workout, but just felt like I was struggling in the water.

Run pm ~ 5.35 miles ~ Right from Wilson I jumped on the metro and rode over to W&L for track practice. I was hungry during my swim and was scared I would get in trouble if I ate on the metro so I wolfed down a bagel on my walk from the metro to the track. Mistake. I felt like crap on the track and light headed. Big nutrition fail. Managed to do:

Mile w/u & c/d. Then 3x (800 at T, 400 easy, 400fast)
800s ~ 3:22, 3:25, 3:26
400s ~ 1:40 something I think

I was suppose to do another set, but bailed for fear I might pass out
Bike am ~ 25 miles ~ More Haines Point action with my besties. We had a nice ride at a steady paced that allowed us to talk. Well, there was no talking on the windy side.

Walk am ~ 2 miles ~ Nice walk into work for a change.

Swim pm ~ 3200 meters ~ Back on the metro I went up to Wilson since it was raining and Haines out door pool was most likely closed. Struggled again in the water and just felt so slow. Every time I looked at the clock I was like is this workout almost over yet. ugh.

Sat and Sun ~ The Epic adventure weekend! Without going into a lot of detail as I'll do a write up tomorrow, I will just say my weekend was interesting. Saturday we were fools and got up at 4am to ride in the car for 3 hours to do nothing. Stupid rain. But on the bright side, I completed my longest run of the training cycle. 20 miles. Sunday we biked for 3 hours (around 50 miles), but were out on the road for 5 hours. ha. Afterwards I did a 3 mile brick run on super sore tired legs from Saturday's run.

Happy Monday All and I hope everyone had a nice weekend :)


  1. Sounds like you're moving along nicely! How exciting! 5 weeks will go by fast :-)

  2. Nice week! I'm getting so excited for you. It will be IM day before you know it!