Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baltimore Half Goals

Well, the Baltimore Half marathon will be the last of my three half marathon races, 3 weekends in a row. The first two I raced, this one however I am not trying to race it or PR.  Although it will be hard to leave my competitive side behind and not want to try to run my little heart out, but I'm not. I am simply out there to have fun and support Jason!

 This will be my M's first half marathon! Woot! Woot! I'm really excited for him...I think I'm more excited about him running than he is. I tired to warn him that Bmore is hilly and not a fun race to choose for your first half, but he didn't listen to me. He must love hills or something, but who doesn't?

Anyhow, my plan of attack on this run is to run by M's side! That is my one and only goal :) If he wants to run a 9 minute mile...great... if he wants to run a 12 minute mile... that's fine too! I just want to stay positive on this run and help him stay positive. We usually don't run together because we do run at different paces and we have only tired to run two other races together. The first one was a 8k which he got pissed at me for running with him because he said he could see it in my eye that it was killing me to run slow ... and he was right... and off I went running after 1 mile with him. The other race was the GW Parkway 10 miler ... which worked out great because I left all my own time goals at the door and just ran a nice enjoyable run next to my one and only.

Hopefully he has a blast on Saturday and doesn't get sick of hearing me talk/make up my own songs for 2 hours :)

Happy Thurs All :)


  1. I think that's a mighty fine goal. :) my goals are even less lofty - finish! see you on saturday! (ps. I love that your cat is named Kiwi!)

  2. That's what headphones are for :)

  3. have fun this weekend! good luck Jason!

  4. I hope you all have fun on Saturday! Good luck! :)

  5. 3 half Marathons in 3 weeks is really ambitious! Good for you! Have fun with this one!