Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Random Facts

1. I don't drink/like coffee, but sometimes wish I did.
2. I'm going to go look at tri bikes tomorrow - woot!
3. I think it's officially cold weather running season and I'm excited.
4. I love wearing boots! They make all outfits look great.
5. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.
6. Jason made me a card for my b-day and he drew me riding a tri bike in aero. It was so cute.
7. I secretly wish I wasn't running another half marathon this year.
8. I won't let Jason turn the heat on in our house.
9. I have never cut grass in my life and plan on never doing so
10. Actually I hate all yard work and figured living in the city would require none! Boy was I wrong...stupid big tree that leaves fall off of all year!
11. I hate when people don't call, text, etc, me back. So annoying!
12. My space heater at work stopped working. Why do I even need a space heater at work? Oh yeah they always keep it so cold in here.
13. I would love to go back to school to become an architect.
14. I can't wait till the Olympics are in the USA again. I went in 96 when they were in ATL and it was such an amazing experience.
15. I once ate entire bag of Red Vine licorice in about an hour. Yep my poo was red that day :)
16. I only read books when I travel
17. I want to go pick up some fabric and try to make a dress for myself
18. I miss pole vaulting, but hitting the bar and landing on it hurts like hell.
19. I have post -its all over my desk at work
20. I drink water all day at work, but suck at drinking it while I'm at home and over the weekends.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Those racing the MCM.. good luck!


  1. 2) Awesome!!! And talk to them about compact cranks.

  2. You are the opposite of me and my husband. He doesn't want me to turn on the heat! And I am with you on the not mowing grass thing. My husband went out of town for two weeks over the summer and I almost hired someone to come mow. But then it didn't rain so we were all good. :-) You were a pole-vaulter? Cool!

  3. I thought I could get through life without mowing a lawn. Then we bought a house and Neil was out of town for a while. Life is unfair :-P

  4. Cold weather running makes me very happy.

  5. I've never mowed a lawn either. My dad always used to complain about it and I have no desire to ever do it!

  6. what a fun list! seriously I love the smell of coffee, but cannot drink it!

    I am really good with water at home, but bad at work...probably cause they run me ragged

  7. Good luck with the bike search. I love my Felt B16