Friday, October 7, 2011

Being a Spectator at the Army 10


This Sunday is the Army 10 miler. I have ran this race several times, including the time that they extended the course because there was a suspicious package under the 14th street bridge. I remember thinking, good god my splits are off and this seems longer than 10 miles.... well because it was!! Anyhow, this year I somehow missed the registration date and lost my chances of running this race since it sells out so quickly.
So, I'm doing something differently this year .... I will be a spectator!! This is something that I usually don't get a chance to do because well I don't like to miss out on races. But, I think it's going to be a lot of fun!!!! I plan on standing at 7th and Independence Ave which will put me at about mile 5.6 something and the mile 7 marker on the way back. I will have a cow bell in hand and plan to do a lot of cheering for all my friends who are running. Hopefully I will be able to spot everyone as they zooming by me.
It will also give me a chance to see what being a spectator is all about. Sometimes I think that my support crew has it harder than me with all the running around they do during one of my races to see me at different points. I'm still undecided as to what is harder, doing a tri or being a spectator at a tri.
My support crew:
Anyhow if you're free this weekend and want to come cheer with me, just let me know! If you are racing this weekend, good luck and kick some butt out on your course!


  1. ooh, good luck with your spectating :) I'll be out there on sunday.

  2. I hope I see you on Sunday! It should be great weather for spectating (and running). :)

  3. Thanks for cheering! It's going to be a beautiful morning!