Thursday, October 20, 2011

To Sticker or Not to Sticker

Your Car That Is....
So, I was driving up 295 on Monday making my way up the gym when I got stuck behind a car with 13.1 stickers everywhere on it with an added 13.1 licence plate frame. They seriously had about six 13.1 stickers on their car and no other stickers (26.2, 70.3, etc). I can understand one sticker for each distance you ran, but six of the same distance is a bit over kill in my opnion.
Which got me to thinking.... I have no stickers on my car even though I love running and tri-ing :)
People who run hm, marathons, and Ironmans should be proud of their accomplishments!!!! They put a lot of blood, sweet and tears into their training just to have that feeling of accomplishment when they cross the finish line. No matter the distance or the race crossing the finishing line and knowing all your sacrificers were worth is gets people hooked in my opnion. Otherwise what would be the point of waking up at 5am on a weekday to go for a run or giving up your entire weekend for a long run or ride?
Thousands of people in Pittsburgh a couple years ago were wearing Steelers Superbowl Champion t-shirts, advertising somebody else's accomplishment. If you run 13.1, 26.2, 70.3. or 140.6 by all means advertize your accomplishment. But at what point does showing off your hard work get to the point of ...umm... being obnoxious? Is one sticker enough from your first race at that distance? Or do you like to show people that you continue to race and put a sticker up from every race you have done? I will be honest, the car that I was driving behind on Monday annoyed me because she had so many 13.1 stickers. When I drove past her I thought, I know running 13.1 miles is hard, but really does the whole world need to know that you have ran 6 half marathons?
So what type of person are you? Do you feel the need to advertise all your hard work or are satisfied with knowing you crossed that finish line so who cares if other people know?
Happy Thursday All


  1. I've done 3 hm, but I don't have 3 stickers/magnets on my car. I don't even have one 13.1 sticker. I will, however, proudly display a 26.2 on my car as soon as I finish my first marathon. In 10 days. :D

  2. I say one sticker per major accomplishment, if that's your fancy. If I ever do a marathon, I will def slap a sticker on my car to show off!

  3. Agreed!!! 6 x 13.1 stickers is a BIT much!! Like you said, I understand one/each race but let's be serious....

    I have a few stickers/magnets on my car but they are generic: RUN, "Will run for margaritas" (duh) and "how about a threesome?" (triathlon). That's plenty in my opinion - even though I have done 13.1, 26.2 and 70.3

  4. Oh, I love posts like these.

    I just put a really nice chrome rimmed 140.6 rounded emblem to the back of my car. I figure that basically covers everything.

    I say do what you want! Its your car. Its your accomplishment. Don't let others think yours is less than theirs.

  5. I have no running stickers on my car but I do have a Redskins license plate frame. Not sure what this says about me. Definitely would only put one for each distance though!

  6. I actuallly never thought of my sticker as advertising an acheivement but rather something I am passionate about. Other bumper stickers and stuff that goes on cars is usually about what they believe in or things they are passionate about. That's how I always saw my sticker!

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