Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Recap ~ CA and Half Marathon

Thursday afternoon I arrived at the San Jose airport and took a shuttle bus to Monetery to meet up with my friend Jess. She lives 8 blocks from the beach! 8 blocks... I'm officially the most jealous person in the world! We took a stroll on the beach and took the only and only Jasmin with us. The weather is perfect here and I think I am in heaven with Monetery! 


Ontop of the beach and the nice weather there are lot of bike paths! which is such a plus in my world. Mark (Jess's boyfriend) was kind of enough to let me us his bike and off we went riding around and checking out the area! I love that everything was with-in biking distance!!! I think everyone already knows I hate driving, so this was so perfect. The beach cruisers bikes were fun and I wish my seat on my road bike was as comfy as the seat on this bike. 

I was a wee bit jet lagged and couldn't keep my eyes open past 9pm on Thurs night and I passed out. On Friday morning, we pulled out the bikes again and rode down to the worf to look at seals and go to lunch. 

 The seals were so cute! I love that they are so close to the people and you can sit and watch them do what seals do .. which is be lazy! After seal watching we ate at a cute little restaurant that overlooked the bay. And I started my carb loading then .. nothing wrong with having pizza for lunch right? 

And of course more biking riding/picture taking took place. Taking pictures while riding your bike is a smart idea, right? I thought so :)

Shortly after lunch, Linda meet up with us and we made out way to San Jose. We were staying in the host hotel that overlooked the finish line .. which was just more than amazing. I loved the downtown area of San Jose and loved that we were so close to the start/finish line. We walked around a bit, then attempted to go to dinner at the Grill, but the prices were really high and we just ate appetizers instead and went to get frozen yo after wards. Probably not the best meal two days before a race, but I don't know what endurance athlete doesn't like froyo! 


Saturday morning came fast and we made our way to the expo. The expo was pretty big and I have never gotten so much free stuff at an expo before!!! We spend at least two hours there hitting up all the booths! The girls at the nuun both were sweet to me and hooked me up with nunn water bottle  for free. The wild flower tri tent was also awesome! They gave out free tech t's and swim caps! I would love to do that swim someday! Overall we just had a blast at the expo and got to try lots of samples and act like fools. My favorite part was the rock star picture that we took that should be emailed to us in a week. 

After getting all the bag swag any could ask for we headed to the Winchester mystery house. This house was so cool although we were not aloud to take pictures instead. Without going into a lot of detail the owner of the house/mansion build 24/7 for 34 years. There was windows/doors/stairs that went to no where. 

 We had a late lunch and had to force ourselves to dinner. Carbs ... yes please.. of course!!!

bread = good

In bed by 10 with a wake up call of 6:30. Wait, what, 6:30! this is so late!!! I have gotten so used to tri's and or driving a long distance in the morning that waking up at 6:30 in the morning and rolling over to start line was such a treat!!! Although we were actually still late the start line because we didn't leave until 7:55 and the race started at 8!! Umm .. can we say way to wait till the last minute. 
The race was so much fun and it was so much to run it with my friends in matching sparkle skirts and matching star tank tops!!! We were deffinaly rocking it out there on the course!!!!! Although I was not rocking a fast pace :( 

Overall I had the best long weekend ever and loved Monterey, San Jose, and the Half marathon. I could move to this area in a heart beat! 

Full race report to come tomorrow. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and raced well :) 

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