Thursday, October 6, 2011

Waterman's Goals

So I'm pretty excited for this weekend. I will be heading down to Indian Head, MD for the Waterman's Half IM. This race is exciting to me for several reasons:
1. It's only an hour from my house, which means no hotels and maybe a little extra sleep! The more sleep the better!!!
2. It's a small race with about 150 people. Small races are all around usually always nice. Plus it's on a Saturday which means I might actually be able to enjoy my Saturday night without having to wake up and race on Sunday.
3. It'll be my first time being at a half IM event. Even though I am only doing this as a relay team, it will give me a chance to see what the half distance is all about in a nice small setting. But, I have a small feeling I am already in love, so yeah.
4. It's also my first time being a part of a tri relay team. I am doing lucky leg #3... 13.1 miles of running fun :) Steph is doing the swim leg and my M is doing the bike leg.
So what about goals you ask?
Well, my main goal coming into this race is too have fun!!! I will be sitting around for a few hours before I actually start my leg so I hope I'm able to cheer on my friends on the swim and the bike. The run course it self looks pretty hilly and even though I have trained on plenty of hills, taking the two weeks off running surely doesn't help me going into this race (well maybe it helped my back, but not my legs). Neither does racing 13.1 last Sunday. My legs are still recovering from that race and I hope they feel 100% in 2 days.
Since I will be sitting around for so long before my leg starts I want to make sure I nail down my nutrition before the run. I don't want to have stomach issues like I did at the rock n' roll. Nothing is worse than running with stomach issues!
I would also like to stay positive the entire run and remember I am out here to have fun! Everyone else on the run will be a lot more tired than me, so I would also like to support the other runners out there any way I can.
Last but not least, I'm not trying to PR on this course. There are just to many factors against me for this run and I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. At the same time I don't want to let my team down either. I think with the hilly course I'll take 1:55 give or take a few seconds or minutes.
Happy Thursday All!!


  1. Good Luck! Based on my past experience, be careful about how much you're on your feet while waiting to start the run; I have done relays and cheered and played before and felt tired before I already started to run! Have fun!!

  2. Good luck on Saturday! Hope you all have a great race. :)

  3. We need to find each other at the race, so we can actually meet. I mean I feel like I already know you, but still. :) You are going to rock the run! Good Luck!!