Wednesday, September 28, 2011

San Jose Rock n' Roll Goals Post

 So on Thursday morning, bright and early at 7:15am I will be leaving the BWI airport and making my way to San Jose, CA for the Rock n' Roll Half marathon. Poor Kiwi is really going to miss me and will be keeping a look out for my return.

I know Kiwi, I will back soon!

Overall I am pretty excited!!! This will be the first time I am really traveling for a race, plus I will get to spend the weekend with my friend Jess :)

I do however have some goals going into this half:

Originally I wanted to PR this race by breaking 1:50.  My current half marathon PR is 1:53 which I ran in March at the National Marathon with the worst knee pain in my life. I had tears running down my face for about half the race and to be honest it was probably a really stupid idea to have ran it in the first place. But somehow I still PRed by a minute?? I think I would have given up if Jess wasn't there running by my side. She ran with me the whole time and we crossed the finish life together.

Anyhow, I have been dealing with back pain again going into this half, which just sucks since it basically hurts me to walk. And ontop of the pain, I haven't really done much speed work, so I'm not sure how I except to PR?? But for some reason I still want to. The course is really flat with almost no hills so this is a major plus!!

The weather on the other hand my be the wild card for me. I basically hate running when it's hot, the colder the better. The weather forecast is calling for a high of 78 with lots of sun shine. It sounds like the perfect California weather, right?!?! But not so perfect running weather, at least to me. Whatever the case, I will deal with it and keep running.

I guess overall I really just want to have fun at this race. I don't want to kill myself and make by back worse, so I may just have to take it easy. Jessica is also trying to PR and I don't want to hold her back. If I end up running the race by myself, then I run it by myself while trying to stay positive.

I guess what I'm saying is I actually have no clue how I'm going to feel on race day and therefore I shouldn't be disappointed if the clock time isn't were I wanted it to be. This is my first half marathon of many this fall .... I still have 3 more to run, so if I don't hit my goal, I can just try again. I think the most important thing about this race is being able to run it with one of my best friends (in matching sparkle skirts at that).

I am ready to have fun in CA and run the best that I can :)

Have you ever had a race goal that had to wait for another race?


  1. I had real back issues going into my aqua velo last weekend. I finally gave in and did two things I never do. I went for a massage and saw a chiropractor. Got through the race and this week the back is good. For the long term maybe strength training will help. Good luck out there Sarah. You will do great.

  2. Good luck this weekend! What will be the temp during the race? High of 78 is usually @ 2-3PM, right?

    Go get that PR!

  3. Just have fun with it! I am sure you will. The best races are usually the ones where you are most relaxed and it sounds like you are pretty relaxed for this one.

  4. Good luck this weekend and have a fun trip!