Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Evolution of Bikes

1990: I always ran around outside without shoes and when I jumped onto my bike my feet would dig into the pedals and it hurt. So I duck taped my sisters feet to her bike pedals in hopes of inviting a shoe that was already attached to the pedal. The idea was a bust when she crashed. But, little did I know that's how triathletes mount their bikes (at least the pros). 

2008: I decide that I wanted to switch up my run commute with bike commuting. I was too cheap to buy my own bike and I got a hand-me down Walmart bike from my sister. Thanks sista! However, I got in a car accident after owning it a few months and it was totaled. I somehow managed not to take a single picture of this getto walmart bike. It was red and wasn't the right frame size, so I looked silly riding it.

2009: I was scared to death to get on a bike after getting hit by a car and I took my time getting a new one. I was still doing only running races and tri's weren't on my mind. So, since I would be using this bike for commuting only and some fun weekend rides I went with a Specialized Hybrid bike. I couldn't believe the difference in feel from the walmart bike to the hybrid bike. It felt like I was riding on feathers and I couldn't be happier.

2010: I was still riding my hybrid for commuting and weekend rides with M. But, M had a Giant Defy and I couldn't keep up with him at all! Plus, I was dreaming about doing a triathlon and this bike just wasn't going to cut it for me. Grandit, I could have used it for a sprint or oly distance race, to see if I liked the sport, but I just wanted a better bike. I signed up for my first tri in Dec. and started researching different bikes.

Feb 2011: I went to City Bikes in Adams Morgan and got my first road bike, the 2011 Giant Avail 1. I couldn't believe the difference in feel from the hybrid to the road bike. It felt like I was riding on feathers and I couldn't be happier!

Happy, but I'm scared of big girl shoes

May 2011: I finally got big girl pedals (keo classics) and shoes! Now I don't look like a fool at Haines Point and OMG I can actually ride a lot faster.

new pedals = fast

and fancy shoes to match

Sept 2011: I absoulty love triathlons and know it will be a good investment to get a tri-bike as well.

Nov 2011: I got my very first tri bike, the 2011 Cervelo P3. I couldn't believe the difference in feel from the road bike (aluminum frame) to the tri bike (carbon frame). It felt like I was riding on feathers and I couldn't be happier! Are you seeing a theme here? The more expensive the bike is, the dreamer it rides! Go figure. I go in for my fitting on the 15th and can't wait!

What was your first bike? Happy Wednesday All :)


  1. Your bike is so pretty! When I need to get a bike in the spring, I'm going to drag you shopping with me :)

  2. So pretty!! I cannot wait until I can get one. :)