Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wed ~ The Perfect Match

Loving my M on our wedding day...

And now our bikes can love each other too....

Black and White = bike wedding

On a side note: I went in for my fitting yesterday and when I got home to jump on my bike I couldn't even mount it. The seat is so high! It's actually the same height as M's and he's 6'4. I don't know how I will even get on my bike, let alone clip out without totally killing myself. Is this normal? Am I not suppose to be able to touch the ground at all, not even with my tippy toe? Advice? I'm thinking about just lowering it a bit even though that will screw with my leg postion.

Happy Wednesday All  :)


  1. Haha, hugging bikes.

    I have no advice on mounting (heckle heckle...)

  2. I love your dress! Post more pictures of the front please :)
    I think you should be able to touch the ground. I mean how else could you stop at a light or something?

  3. Where did you have your fitting? I can't touch the ground when I'm on the saddle but I hop off when I come to a stop anyway. Did they give you your measurements?

    And of course, I like the pics too...

  4. I can just barely touch the ground with my tippy toes when I'm in my saddle on my tri bike, but I have always gotten out of my saddle at stops.

    I say give it a chance, at least on the trainer. My rode bike and tri bike fit REALLY differently, and when they are next to each other, my tri bike seat is way higher.

  5. I don't have a tri bike, but I'm a huge advocate of hopping out of the saddle when you stop anyway. It's kind of fun, and gives you some extra control.

  6. I agree with the abouve comments- when I am in the saddle of my tri bike I can get my very tippy toe on the ground if i really reach for it. I always have to get out of the saddle when I come to a stop.

    and I love the pictures :)

  7. I had the same problem when I got my tri bike last spring! I was convinced the seat was too high because I couldn't reach the ground. I would use the curb to mount and dismount. My coach would say - jokingly - that I would need a step stool on race day if I didn't learn how to mount without the curb.

    In all seriousness, I found the transition to my tri bike like learning how to ride all over again. Your position - and weight distribution - is so completely different from the road bike. I was pretty shaky my first few rides. Have no fear - you'll pick it up quickly!

  8. I can barely touch the ground on my tri bike, and I have the little baby wheels. You don't unclip during a tri anyways :)