Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Bad Run

We got a nice spoiler this weekend with our weather here in DC. It felt like summer all over again and it was perfect. I wanted to ride my new bike outside, I wanted to go for a nice relaxed run, however I choose to not to take advantage of the perfect weather. Instead I laid around all day watching Dexter and movies and feeling sick to my stomach about the race I had registered for. My laziness continued to spread into Monday as once again I did nothing that even resembled physical activity.
Tuesday rolled around and my body felt like blah, so I knew it was time to get my lazy butt in gear again. I rolled out the door for my short 2 mile commute on my bike and I wanted to keep riding to Haines Point because it was so nice out!!! I got mad at myself for doing nothing the last 3 days while it was nice and I was mad I just couldn't go into work late yesterday and ride for awhile. Biking aside, I am running in the Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend and well haven't been doing much running at all. So, I decided the best course of action for the evening was to go for a run.
Throughout the day it got colder and the rain started to coming down. Great, the last three days were warm and sunny and now that I decided not to be lazy anymore the weather was sucking. I was still looking forward to my run though and was excited to be running for only about a mile. Then my ears started hurting, then my stomach started giving me issues, blah blah blah ... the run sucked big time!!! I actually really wanted to stop running at only 3 miles because I was hurting so bad. The only thoughts that ran through my head were: "you are in big trouble if you can't run 7 miles without complaining, how are you going to finish and IM?"..."why did you sign up for an IM, you are stupid"..."keep running, you are a baby, your workouts in the future are going to be so much harder than this!"... Needless to say I kept pushing myself and I was so happy to see 7 miles beep on my watch and be done with it. I don't know why yesterday sucked so bad? I know we all have bad running days, but yesterday took the cake for me. I guess not doing anything for 3 day and eating/drinking whatever I wanted didn't add much to this run either.
Today is a new day and I plan on running home from my dentist appointment (4 miles). Hopefully I won't droll all over myself with half my mouth still being numb.
Happy Wednesday All :)


  1. I had very similar thoughts during my run on Sunday when my legs were tired after 8 miles. Ha.

  2. Thanksgiving is all about being lazy and relaxing! I like the new blog background.

  3. The only good thing about bad running days is that they make all the other ones so much better!