Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap - Running & Something Shiny

Happy Monday everyone! I will start off saying I had a great weekend :)
Friday seems so long ago that I can barley remember what I even did? I think the most exciting part of my day was finally going to get my eyes checked since I have ran out of contacts and haven't gone in three years. Plus I managed to fit in lots of walking on my rest days. 5.3 walking miles total. Not bad for just running errands.
Saturday I woke up dreading my longish run of 12 miles. I stepped out the door and it seemed freezing at 32 degrees. Luckily I was meeting up with Erin at Gravely Point to run on the Mt. Vernon Trail. If I wasn't meeting her, I think my bed would have been to warm and snugly to get out of. I started off with a hat and gloves and never got hot enough to take them off. This run was pretty much like cramming for an exam you didn't study for. I have been slacking big time on my training and somehow my half marathon this Sunday just snuck right up on me. I know I really should have started to taper, but like I said I had to cram in this long run. My longest two runs since my half marathon on 10/15 have been a 10 miler and this 12 miler.  And I was actually struggling a bit on the run due to stomach issues. I had an English muffin with peanut butter a half hour before we started the run. I guess, ok I already knew that this was not a enough time for my stomach to digest. I was so thankful to have Erin with me because I'm not sure if I would have finished without her. Plus having someone to chit chat with during your run really makes the time fly by.
During the afternoon, M and I headed down to the Annapolis mall were Tim Gun was hosting a fashion show for Lucky Jeans. It was pretty crowded, but we found an ok spot to stand. It was a fun little show and Tim did an open question thing afterwards. I would have loved to get my picture taken with him, but the line was over an hour long and well I guess I just didn't feel like waiting that long.
Sunday, we had all this stuff planned, but only managed to do one thing... go bike shopping! My M said he was getting me a tri-bike for my b-day and even though my birthday has come and gone, this is the first weekend we had a chance to go to Bonzai to check things out. I somehow fell in love with a Cervelo P3 because well it was super shiny and so pretty! Plus it felt like feathers when I test rode it. SOLD! I had originally wanted the P2, but they didn't have any of the 2011 models left and the 2012 was about the same price as the 2011 P3 on sale. So yeah, I will officially be the slow girl on the fancy bike and I'm ok with that. Or maybe that means I just need to become faster :)
Overall, I had a great weekend and an ok week mileage wise:
Running: 30.6 miles
Swimming: 1.28 miles
Cycling: 8 miles (yes I need to be getting my butt back on the bike)
Walking: 7.3 miles
What was your favorite part of your weekend? Great job to everyone who raced!


  1. That's cool that you were able to track your walking mileage. Good for you for heading out in the cold weather to get that last long run in!

  2. That is a nice ride! I test rode the P3 last spring, but ended up buying the P2 because of the price. Happy training!

  3. That's very exciting about your new bike!

  4. Congrats!! So pretty, so fun, you're going to LOVE IT!