Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Friday Facts

1. My pants are starting to get tighter, so I need to stop stuffing so much junk food into my mouth.
2. When I was young, I hugged my uncle's cat so tight I made her pee :(
3. I ate frog legs when I was 10 because my brother tricked me and said they were chicken fingers. And yeah they tasted just like chicken.
4. Our electric meter is in the inside of our house. I have no clue how pepco bills us every month since they never read the meter.
5. I haven't actually road my bike in a month and half. I am probably so out of shape it's not even funny.
6. I still have gymnastics dreams all the time, I'm guessing I will have them all my life.
7. I am scared of change
8. People used to ask me for my notes in college. But I'm such a bad speller that it would be like reading a different language for anyone else.
9. I took 5 years of french and could read, write, and speak it at an ok level. Now I can only say I don't speak french very well. So sad.
10. I cried a lot when I first moved to the DC area. I missed my friends and family.
11. I don't like painting my nails because I never remove the polish once it starts chipping which results in my fingers looking horrible.
12. My recent running shoes are a half size too small and are giving my blisters. I'm wearing them anyhow because they were expensive. Bad idea I know.
13. I never thought I would get married because I never thought anyone would actually fall in love with me.
14. I don't like thanksgiving day food and usually just eat all the rolls instead of the food.
15. I broke my baby toe while doing an in-turn on floor. The Dr. just but a pencil in-between my toes to put it back in back. It hurt like hell!
16. I don't decorate my house for the holidays, but I do put x-mas lights outside.
17. I wish I could bring Kiwi to work with me everyday. Work would be so much better with a cat in the office.
18. I need a new cell phone really bad. Mine always freezes and I can't answer the phone have the time.
19. My hand writing is a mix between printing and cursive.
20. I kept my last name when I got married.
Happy Friday All. The weekend is here! Good luck to everyone racing Philly this weekend. Wish I could be there.


  1. I thought the same thing about myself and getting married. We need to give ourselves more credit! Ditch those blistery shoes. Think of all the money you will save in band-aids!