Monday, December 19, 2011

7 Day Swim Challenge

I have been having a really hard getting myself to the pool lately ....

So, I set up a little challenge for myself to help get my booty to the pool. The challenge: swim 7 days in a row! It didn't matter what distance I swam, as long as I got in the water for the day. I was excited to get myself in the water the first day, but some of the days after that, I basically had to force myself to go. I could have easily just skipped a day because honestly who would know? The answer is: no one would know expect me. And I wasn't about to let myself down.

The 7 days went as follows:

12/11 ~ 2200 yards
* 400 warm up then 100-200-300-400-300-200-100 with a 200 cool down
* This was also my first time at Eastern Market pool on a Sunday and it wasn't  very crowded which is good to know

12/12 ~ 1650 meters
* swam this one straight as I only have a half hour in the pool after coaching since Fairland decided it would be a good idea to close their pool at 9 now. I got kicked out of the pool as usual.

12/13 ~ 2400 yards
* 200 warm up with 100-200-400-600-400-200-100 and 200 cool down
* My left shoulder issue started acting up again and my whole arm was numb making this swim a really beast to get through.

12/14 ~ 3000 yards
* 400 warm up then 1 x 1000, 4 x 200, 4 x 100 with a 400 cool down
* This is my longest swim to date :) It also helps that I wasn't held back by the usual pool closing time restrictions I always have to deal with.

12/15 ~ 1600 meters
* back to swimming after coaching so I had to swim this one straight again

12/16 ~ 2400 yards
* 400 w/u then 2 x 500, 5 x 200
* I felt really good during this swim despite not wanting to drag my ass to the pool on a Friday.

12/17 ~ 2200 yards
* 2 x 200, 1 x 1000, 4 x 200
* I actually thought about something else other than trying to remember what lap I was on. This in itself is amazing!

After Saturday's swim session I realized setting up a challenge and having a goal in mind really helped motivate me. With being the off season and no races to be training for this month, having this small little goal/challenge really gave a little bit more of a purpose to my sessions. I also realized that I have no clue what swim workouts should be or are suppose to be. I still label myself as a new swimming and I really have no clue what I'm doing.

Have you ever set yourself up a challenge? Did you stick with it ?

Happy Monday All :)


  1. I have you beat by like 50 yards, only because I swim in meters almost all the time and because I was procrastinating work by swimming 5k Thursday morning. I need my own swim challenge, obviously.

  2. Yes ... my goal is to keep above 500 on the NCC. So far I keep treading around 550 to 450 depending on when I log my miles in. I need to step it up a notch and start jumping on my trainer in the mornings.

    And Eastern market looks a lot brighter then I thought it would be. I might have to start doing lunch time swims.

  3. I need to get back to swimming. Not sure I could handle 7 days in a row. Congrats!

  4. I love this idea! I struggle to get pool time in but making challenges for motivation is a great idea!

  5. OMG I need to do this!!! I haven't swam since my last Olympic in September and Ironman training has begun and I haven't gotten int he pool once. I have zero motivation...I should set up something like this! I love accomplishing goals. Good work on this one!!

  6. Congrats on the big swim week! Those are great workouts, and that is a solid start to training for a 2.4 mile swim :)