Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lunch Time

Most of the time I work through my lunch time eating at my desk and answering calls with my mouth full of food. Yesterday was crazy busy at my office and I just needed a break and wanted to step away from my desk. So, when Carly tweeted she was going for a lunch run, I jumped at the chance to meet her. I usually like to run once or twice a week during my lunch break, but being able to run with a friend is even better.
We met at 14th and Madison which is about 1.2 miles from my office then we did a nice little loop down to the Capitol and back. I always forget how nice it is to run with someone else as I usually do most of my running by myself. I did not wear a watch on this run and just used map my run to find out that I ran just around 5 miles.  
It was really refreshing to get outside while the sun was shining and get my miles in for the day without really taking time out of my day. For those of you who are wondering... I do not shower after my lunch runs. I simply just splash my face off and change back into my dress clothes a little sweaty and with a red face. I think my co-workers are used to me not looking so great.
Once the new year starts, I think I will mainly start using my lunch time to get in some core and strength training at least 2 x a week. My office has three buildings on the same block with one of them having a gym on the top floor. This will be the perfect time to get in my strength sessions once IM training begins. Why I don't do this now? I guess I have just have been lazy.
How do you spend your lunch break?
Happy Tuesday All  :)


  1. Awesome! I too need to remember to get away from my desk from time to time!

  2. I should try to workout at lunch but I don't think I could get away without a shower!

  3. Thanks for running with me! My legs actually feel really good today, which is surprising since we were running faster than I normally do. :)

  4. It's really nice that you are able to get out at lunch this time of year when it's so dark and cold before and after work. Sounds like a great run!