Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fitting in a Workout

When traveling to visit my family it always seems very hard to fit any workouts in because I would rather be visiting with them than working out. Because lets face it, I don't get to see my family very often and I always get to see my workouts.

But, on the other hand I don't want to skip swim, bike, or running all together while I'm in Ohio, so when I looked up what time the Brunswick Rec center opened I was trilled to find out that the pool opened for lap swim at 5am!

dark, cold, and snow but I made it here
This would be the perfect time for me to go swimming without my family even knowing I'm missing. I am jealous and I also wish that my pool would open this early so that I could swim before work.

Anyhow lap swim was from 5-7am and I set my alarm for 5:30am. It was dark out and I had to tear myself out of bed. I was thinking I could be there by 5:45, but little did I forget that I'm Ohio and there is snow on the ground and there was ice on my car. I haven't had to bust out my ice scratcher in I have no clue how long considering it doesn't really snow in DC and I never drive. I also learned that I am scared to drive in the snow after living in DC for almost 9 years and I drove like a grandma to the pool. I am not used to seeing icy parking lots and missed my nice easy 4 block pool commute.

hello ice and snow!
But the good thing was that the pool was not to far away and I made it there by 6.  There was a only a $5 dollar fee to enter. Such a good deal I think.

They only had 3 lap lanes open and I jumped in the last one and split the lane with another guy.

  He was done swimming after my 200 warm up, then I had the whole lane to myself! Score! I swam my little heart out and was expecting to get kicked out the pool per usual because the HS swim team was coming in at 7. But, I finished 2500 yards with 5 minutes to spare before I would have got booted. What good timing :)

When I left the pool it was still dark out and cold. Thank goodness for warm hats!

When I got back home everyone was still sleeping and I crawled back in bed like I was never missing. Swim done = mission accomplished.

How do you fit your workouts in when you are on travel?

Happy Wednesday All :)


  1. I see my family pretty often so I don't mind fitting in workouts when I am home. Getting in workouts when I'm on vacation is a whole different story though

  2. I'm impressed! And it's great that you didn't have to miss any fmaily time.