Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hot Chocolate 15k - Goals

This Saturday marks my last race for 2011. Unless of course I get suckered into smaller races...
Anyhow, I will be racing in the Hot Chocolate 15k along since a ton of other people.

One of the main reasons that I registered for this race is well...duh...for the chocolate and the awesome looking jacket! Actually the swag is what gets my to register for half the races I do :)
Leading up to this race, I can't say I have done any specific training for it. I am basically just coasting off my half marathon fitness level and have just been doing 7-5 mile runs here and there. I have actually never ran a 15k before so I can say with little to no effort I will have an automatic PR!!! How cool is that, a PR without even trying. Now of course I will try to run my best otherwise I will be irritated at myself when I cross the finish line.
So I guess my goals are pretty simple for this race:
1. Have fun!!
2. Look at the course between now and Sat. morning since I haven't bothered to do so yet
3. Find the race photographers or my own photographer (M) and look like I'm having the time of my life :)
4. Maintain a decent pace and don't die the last couple of miles.
5. Decide what I want to wear? A swiss miss outfit (looks like the St. Paulie girl) or my new pink team sparkle skirt with a santa hat and x-mas leggings?
Happy Thursday all :)


  1. Goal 6: Wake up on time so that Victoria has a ride to the race.

  2. I vote for the Swiss Miss outfit, and then you can wear the christmas get up at another race, because I have a feeling you are going to get suckered into more races before the year is up :)

  3. Hope you have a great race! And watch out for the hills (I happened to see a course map...)

  4. I'm running the 15K too :) I've run 1 before, and think it's a pretty fun distance. I vote for the sparkle skirt! I'm not sure if I've ever seen one in person.

  5. good luck, have a great race!

  6. Your recent half was awesome so you are in great shape already! Have fun and smile pretty!

  7. I'm running the 15K too! I hope you have a lot of fun... and I vote for the sparkle skirt!