Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Random Facts

1. It doesn't feel like x-mas to me this year which is sad
2. I have been a slacker this week, hopefully I can make up for it over the weekend
3. I have only bought two people's x-mas presents
4. I wish I was not such a messy person because I can never find anything
5. I don't like milk, but need to start drinking it
6. I don't like my food to touch other food on my plate
7. I go to the bathroom like 10 times before going on a road trip. I am so scared that I'm going to have to go as soon as I get in the car
8. I haven't rode my new tri bike outside yet .. it is so sad :(
9. I need more bike shorts
10. White Russians used to be one of my favorite drinks, now I love lemon drop martinis
11. I have never used my fireplace in the two years I have lived at my house
12. I want some peppermint bark #yum
13. I used to cry or throw presents I didn't like when I was young .. what a brat!
14. I am the meanest in the world if I am lost while driving
15. I never thought I would live in a city, but I love DC so much!
16. Jason organized a software engineers night out ... what a bunch of nerds :)  
17. I was so excited when they came out with flat screen monitors!
18. I want a kitten for x-mas with a cute red bow on him
19. My teams first gymnastics meet is on this Sunday! Go Fairland!
20. I am excited for tonight :)


  1. #11: I think you should invite me over and together we'll enjoy your fireplace. :-) Just looking out for ya. haha

  2. I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet!