Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hot Chocolate Race Pics

So the Hot Chocolate 15k may be known in the runners world as a Epic Fail, but somehow by running in a swiss miss costume I still had fun :)

Hi.. I'm almost finished

And I have no clue what I'm looking at?

playing to the crowd

Darn, I just let that guy pass me...

Amost to the finish

And I'm done with the worst.race.ever
 Happy Wednesday All :)


  1. I'm definitely impressed that you could run in that get-up. Fun!

  2. Super cute costume! I read a lot of the comments on their FB page about the race. Wow! Looks like you still had a fun time, though! Great job.

  3. Nice costume! Glad you at least got some good photos out of this race. :)

  4. I absolutely love the costume! I bet it was the happiest thing most racers had seen all day, given the circumstances!

  5. I love that costume! You wouldn't be able to tell what a mess the race was from your cute pictures! :)

  6. You look fantastic! I love that outfit. And you look like you are having fun, despite the madness of the event!

  7. well, you look cute even if the race was a fail. I read something about it on another blog - too bad it sounded like it had the potential to be a fun race!