Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Spirit

When I moved from Dupont to Capitol Hill two years ago I was a little nervous to leave my beloved Dupont and there may or may not have been some tears. However, I did not realized what a great block we had moved too!!  Everyone is friendly toward each other and we actually know each other. It feels more like a small town than Washington DC. We take turns hosting a happy hour once month, we have block parties, and chili cook-offs and it is no wonder that we were voted the friendliest block on the hill, and last week was no different.

It is tradition that we have a lighting of the Christmas tree ceremony. At first I thought this may be a little cheesy, but it isn't. We all come out and help decorated the giant x-mas tree that is placed in one of our neighbors front yard. It is a great way to bring us all together to do something fun and exciting and the kids really seemed to love it. Plus, there is always plenty of food and drinks to keep everyone happy in the cold.

 The finished result is so pretty and it makes me happy that I was able to take part in something like this.

Lots of yummy food:

And of course I had a beer to help keep me warm...although hot apple cider may have been a better choice..

Now I think the tree looks wonderful and in a small attempt to bring some x-mas cheer to my own house, I put up some lights up about a week or so ago. They are kind of sad looking in comparison to others, but something is better than nothing :) Plus I put a cute reindeer in my yard.

Now, the only thing that is missing from our block is Walter St group runs! Maybe I need to get on that and see how many people I could get to come out at run...
Do you decorate for x-mas?
Happy Wednesday All :)


  1. This is SO cool - how lucky to have found that block. Growing up we had block parties all summer, I'm jealous!

  2. aww, love all the decorations!

  3. Beautiful! What a fun tradition. You live in a really nice area.