Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Things Friday

1. All I can say is that DC has had some crazy weather in Jan. Last Friday we had a mini snow storm (only DC would call it a snow storm) and this Friday it was super hot at 63 degrees when I stepped out the door this morning for my easy 2 mile run into work. I had long pants on and had to run back into the house to change. The entire time I was running I was like oh my gosh, I can't believe this is Jan. And of course the thought of "I wish I was biking right now" crept into my head as well.
2. My team has their third meet of the season this Sunday :) Which for me means I will be in the gymnastics world from 8 in the morning until around 9 in the evening leaving me no time to get my long run in. Not a problem at all. I just switch my long run (10-11 miles) to today. And with the weather being so nice (minus the rain) it should be an enjoyable run.
3. When I first started dating my M, our Friday nights consisted of either going out to dinner/drinks or partying with our friends. Oh how the times have changed! On Wed. he asked me out on a very special Friday night date: the pool! Yes, the pool :) M is on a mission to improve his swim and asked me to help him on his form/stroke. Even though I don't know if I'm on the best person to help him... 
4. On the nights I coach, I need to come up with a better nutrition plan. I work my full time job from 7:30 - 4. Run or bike home, change and am in my car driving by 4:15. Then I coach from 5 - 8:30 and sometimes swim afterwards (sometimes not) but I usually don't get back home until 9:15 - 9:30. It's a super long day. I currently bring a snack in the car which usually consists of the following: a cheese stick, a granola bar, and fruit snacks. Then when my team gets their 15 minute snack break I take one as well and eat a yogurt and a piece of fruit. But by the time I make it back home I'm super hungry.  I guess the easy solution would be to bring more a dinner type snack for the snack break. You would think after doing this for I don't know many years I would have figured it out by now, but I haven't.
5. I don't get to sleep in this weekend. I guess that is nothing new. Oh and I finally slept last night! I think my insomnia streak is over with.
Happy Friday All and I hope everyone has a great weekend :)


  1. It's definitely shorts & a tshirt weather for this afternoon. Such crazy weather.
    Good luck to your gymnastics girls this weekend!

  2. Enjoy your run and swim date! It's definitely a great day for a long run.