Monday, January 23, 2012

One week Down - lots more to go

My first week of Half IM training went off with much of a hitch. Here's how it went:
Monday is a rest day on the schedule, which somewhat kills me. I did do 25 minutes of core strength though
Tues: Bike: 1:30 on the trainer : 22.5 miles
Originally on the training plan I am using they have Tues. as the shorter bike day. It works out better for me though to switch Tues. and Thurs. and make Tues. my longer bike days since I don't have to coach after work on this day. It also ended up being super nice on this day too. I wished I had my bike/gear with me at work so I could have just rode right after work. By the time I got home thought it was already starting to get dark. so I did the next best thing and rode my trainer outside! It was an awesome workout.
Wed: swam 2500 yards in 51 minutes, ran 4.22 in 35 minutes
I did these two workouts back to back since I go and visit my Aunt on Wednesdays. The swim felt great, but my run was a struggle. It was windy out and my legs felt like mush. Maybe from biking yesterday? Or maybe from the swim? Who knows?
Thurs: Bike 1 hour: 15 miles, also snuck in a 4 mile bike commute (20 minutes)
I don't really count my bike commute as a workout since it's so short, but it gets me to work.
My actual training session sucked!!! I don't get home till after 9 o'clock on the days I coach. So I didn't get on my trainer until 9:10 and was spinning while trying to eat some dinner and half falling asleep. I don't think I got much out of this workout. This week I will try to get it done in the morning.
Friday: AM run of 30 minutes: 3.6 miles
Nice little run in the morning on my way to work. I was suppose to swim after work for 30 minutes but forgot my swim suit which really made me mad!
Sat: Bike 1:30 for 22.5 miles
Went out with Chloe and some other friends the night before and stayed out too late. Getting up at 6:30 to bike was really hard! But I got it done and was out the door to visit my aunt by 8:30 or so.
Sunday: Ran: 1:26 for 10 miles, swam 45 minutes for 2000 yards
Really had to force myself out the door in the cold. I know sooner or later I will complain about it being hot again, so I miswell just suck it up. Ran into the other Sarah on this run :) and also decided mid run that I had to have a pair of pants from Athleta in G-town that I saw Chloe wearing on Friday. So, I finished up my 10 miles right in front of the store and got some nice comfy pants :) Then I froze my ass off riding the metro home as my sweat began to freeze. But I did kill two birds with one stone :)
I had a nice lunch (chicken cut up in a salad) then headed to the pool with M. This was my make up swim from Friday :) My swim went alright, but I don't think I ate enough for lunch and was hungry most of the workout.
swim: 4500 yards
bike: 64 miles
run: 17.82
hours: I'm to lazy to add them up :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. last year i dragged the trainer outside once and rode and it started to snow! was kind of cool. nice week!

  2. I'm intrigued about these "must have" pants!

  3. Nice week! Let me know if you want to meet up to run at lunch on Thursday :)

  4. You are getting an awesome start to your season! Nice job.

  5. i don't think you refer to yourself as lazy (even when it comes to adding) with that training week.