Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two Things Tues.

1. It's going to 63 today! Yep 63 in Jan!!! So, to take advance of the nice weather I came into work an hour early so I could get off at 3pm to ride :) On my way into work though at 6:30 this morning (when it's pitch dark out) I noticed as I rode in other bike commuters without any lights on their bikes. I passed about three other riders without lights. Am I missing something here? You can't see these people at all on their bikes!!! Riding without at least a back light is very dangerous! I would think it would be common sense to put a light on your bike if you are riding in the dark.
For me personally I use a Knog Light. They are cool little jelly lights that rap around the post of your bike.
This makes it easy for me to transfer the lights from bike to bike depending on which one I'm riding for the day. Plus they come in all kinds of colors. For me it was a no brainier and I purchased pink ones :) It's a little tricky to get them to fit on my tri bike, but I made it work this morning.
Ok I guess I'm done with my little rant...
2. I registered for another race yesterday: The Kinetic Half ~ aqua velo only. I will be using this race as a training race only. I still feel pretty uncomfortable with the swim leg and wanted to get some more open water practice in before mooseman. Originally I wanted to do this race as a relay, but then I got greedy when I looked at my training schedule and saw I had a 3.5 hour bike ride for that day. So I figured I should just do the bike leg of this race and knock out my ride for the day and test out my nutrition as well. It should be a fun day.
Happy Tues All :)


  1. Thanks for entering my Sparkly Soul giveaway!

    I LOVE that it's going to be 63 today! That will make my tempo run more fun in shorts and a T shirt.

    That light looks awesome. I admit that I don't have lights, but then again, I don't ride at night.

    How are you getting to VA is for Lovers 14K? Are you staying the night out there? I'm debating between that and a more local race.

  2. I'm doing the Kinetic Half as well! (All three legs). I'm excited!

  3. I always see people biking without lights when I'm out running in the morning. I don't understand it either.

    I'm glad you'll be doing Kinetic!

  4. This e lights look really cool, I need to pick up some for the wife and kiddos!