Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Race: VA is for Lovers 14K

With my addiction to races in full swing I couldn't pass up on this fun little Valentine's Day race ~ Virginia is for Lovers 14k.

I was talking to one of my best friends on the phone, who is just getting into running, and she mentioned to me that she registered for two spring races already. I was super excited for her!!! We had both wanted to run the VA Beach Shamrock half together, but it didn't work out with my coaching schedule. So when she mentioned to me that she was registered for the the 14k, I thought this would be a great race to do together.

My arm didn't have to be twisted too hard and after I looked up the race details my credit card was out and before I knew it I was registered for what is going to be my first race of the year.

Last time I visited Jill she supported me during the Freedom half marathon that I ran. Now instead of just cheering she will be running with me!!!!  Or the other way around, I will be running with her :)

What I am really looking forward too though is just visiting Jill for the weekend with the race just being the icing on the cake.

Happy Wednesday All :)


  1. That race looks awesome! I love the medal :) I'm going to see if the hubs wants to run it with me!

  2. 14k = automatic PR? Sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Will you be wearing a Valentine's Day themed outfit?

  3. The real question is will you two wear matching sparkly outfits?

  4. Very jealous! I ran the Blue Moon Wicked 10K put on by the same people and it was very well organized, festive and a ton of fun. You will love this one!