Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Randoms

1. I have always struggled with my body image. This week is no different. I have been feeling like a big blob
2. I need to add back in strength training into my routine. This will make me feel better about myself.
3. I can't remember the last time my alarm went off and I didn't feel tired
4. I wish strawberries and blueberries were in season
5. I have never been snow boarding/skiing. Every year I say I will try and every year I never go.
6. I am lazy and need to clean my house more
7. I would love to live out of the states for a couple of years
8. The apples I bought this week are bad, but I still have three more to eat.
9. I'm still thinking about joining g-town law's gym for their pool. They are right next to my office building. it would make life easy. But I'm cheap.
10. M surprised me with a new cat calendar yesterday. This made me really excited because I needed a 2012 one for my office.
11. I would have rather been surprised with a real kitten :)
12. I can never find my license. I don't know why I don't just kept it in my wallet.
13. I used to love purses and still do, but lately I just make M carry everything I need and don't carry one.
14. I like that M pays every time we go to dinner. But then I look at our checking account and remember that we have joint checking.
15. I'm still scared to death of open water swimming and 2.4 miles seems like forever in a day to me!!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. 2. Strawberries are on the season edge in Florida, so they are getting cheaper here in DC.

    15. The 5k swim in May will fix all of this.

  2. 10. I was also hoping that would say a kitten and not a calendar.

  3. I've only been skiing once. It was ok. Requires more coordination that I think I have. :)

  4. Hey Sarah, Holli from Tri Dreaming. I would definitely love to do some training with you for Louisville. The only problem is that I am currently in Georgia finishing up my last internship for school. I'll be back in DC in April - and I can not wait to be back in the district. I look forward to some long rides and runs around the Nation's Capital! You can email me at if you'd like.