Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blast from the Past - The workout that was not

I'm not really sure what I want to talk about today, but I have this one story stuck in my head.
Around 2008, I joined the Washington Sports Club and used the gym on Connecticut Ave in Dupont. I wasn't really a big fan of joining the gym since I hate running on treadmills, can do my core/arms at home, and well lets face it: I'm cheap. But never the less I joined because the group classes looked fun and appealed to me. I figured working out in a group would motivate me and help me to push myself.  
Whenever I am trying something new, I am super nervous. I waited about a month after joining to attempt my first class. For whatever reason I decided on a boot camp class that was offered on a Saturday morning. When I arrived in the class room no one was giving any instructions and women were running all around grabbing mats, jump ropes, weights, and weight bars. I had no clue what to do and just followed suit. There was a ton of people in there and it was over crowded. I set up my little area and went to go fetch one more thing that I noticed other people had and by the time I got back to my area someone else had laid claim to it. I thought WTF, I don't need this and just left the room in a huff not doing the class at all. Instead, I went and found M in the gym and busted down in tears. Attempting the class was so overwhelming and frustrating I didn't know what else to do besides cry. Actually that's how I always seem to handle stress: cry.
Needless to say I never attempted that class again or any other class that the gym offered and finished out my year membership and never renewed it. I usually always try something at least twice and I usually don't quit things. But I don't know, the hustle and bustle of the crowded group classes just didn't seem worth it to me. Maybe I was being a wimp.... 
Years later, I still have not tried another group class but would really like to. I think my best option would be to do one in a smaller studio setting instead of a big gym. Plus well, I still don't want to pay for a gym because I'm cheap and I always have the option of using my office's gym to use weight machines, etc. 
Have you ever felt overwhelmed during one of your workouts. How did you handle it?
Happy Thurs All :)

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  1. When going to a new class, get there early and introduce yourself to the instructor. Good instructors will appreciate it and will explain everything before the class starts. You'll be much more comfortable.